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I can't believe I didn't include disclaimers. Someone mentioned that I probably don't need them, as there are site-wide ones or something, but it can't hurt. Plus it's kind of interesting to try to come up with good ones.
Just a question for whoever eventually finds this journal and reads my stuff-one-shots within a set universe, or a chronological (or story-logical) fic with chapters in order? The thing is, my plotbunnies tend to hop around. A lot. And my muses are somewhat fickle as well. I'm not even finished posting what I have done with Rebel Doctor so far, and I even have a finished (if older) story that I have yet to upload. There's a few fics that I can post quite a lot of before I have to get to this. Eventually, though, I may have posted everything I can possibly post on a single story in chapter order, so I'm wondering how people feel about random one shots within a universe (with some explanation, of course) or if people would rather wait for it to be in order.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
*Insert usual show spoiler disclaimer here*
Oh, that would probably also be good too-possible Trigger Warning (sexual violence) for musings below.  It's about some of the darker Buffy moments, so...proceed with caution?
Not About the Cheese Guy )


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