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I've found a lot of places where people pick out their own persona based on their Arcana strictly from the ones available from the games.  That bugged me, as I wanted to have one that wasn't shared.  Something purely me.  (Of course, this is talking about a Persona, something based off of mythology that serves as your protection and the face that you show to the world, so it's not like anything's going to be perfectly original.  Oh well.)  We'll ignore that shall we?  Come in to the Velvet Room, which looks like anything your heart wishes it to-a boat at sea, a dance studio, a library, a tower, a cave; it's been them all over the years.
The first section is a summary of the various arcana, should you wish to go through them and pick which one suits you best.  The actual sentences are copy-pasted from the Megami Tensei wiki directly.  The number of words with the commas are summaries of descriptions I found elsewhere on the internet, including that of the reverse Arcana.  Should you wish to actually take a test to find what arcana you are, I would recommend the one by Quizfarm (titled 'Which Major Arcana Tarot Card are You?' by Cirrus).  It is fairly thorough and, what is perhaps more important, the conclusion is not obvious.  I also feel it's fairly accurate; you of course are welcome to disagree.  As far as I can tell, the site is safe, though you are all free (and encouraged!) to use your own discretion.
After this is the list of Arcana and the associated Personas.  The 'previous' section includes all of the Personas in the various games (though as this is copied from the Megami Tensei wiki there might be errors such as missing Personas).  The 'New' section includes various Personas that I have added based on descriptions and/or any personal knowledge I have.  At some point, I will add a new section and link where I will write the short summary of the character (such as you would find in the normal Persona Compendium) and eventually add statistics, powers, etc.  I will add to this but it will probably be slow.
Feel free to use however you wish.  Though credit would be nice-this was a lot of work!


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