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As usual, things are spoilery.  Maybe I should just have a general SPOILERS warning for absolutely everything that I post.  And it's been ages since I've been able to post anything-on vacation, but I'm back now, yay!  I'm kind of tired, so probably won't post that much.
I didn't bring my laptop, so I didn't really have access to anything, not even internet for most of the time.  (And the little bit of time I did have I ended up fixing someone else's computer, which really doesn't count.)  I could've taken my nook, but I haven't figured out how to get antiviruses on it yet so I've been paranoid-ly avoiding using the internet on it if at all possible.  At least avast! has security for cell phones.  And during that time, for absolutely no reason (because it's been a while since I've watched, listened to OST, or written anything about Persona 2, but that was what I missed the most and really randomly.  I still need to make my post about that, but I think I'll do that when I can actually be decently coherent about it.
Anyway, I was reading a guidebook I'd bought about Gotham City (it's pretty awesome...though I haven't read the section on restaurants and attractions yet).  And that got me thinking.  There have been several Ace Attorney superhero things, but it's mostly the Blue Badger (pictures, one short story, Phoenix as the Badger and it's cracky and wonderful and there needs to be more of it) or a few other things where Phoenix ended up as the superhero or main superhero.  Not much with our old friend Edgeworth, assuming he didn't end up as the villain.  Which brings me to the comparison portion.
We're not sure what happened to Edgeworth's mom, as far as I'm aware.  But Miles' dad was shot to death in front of him, and Bruce Wayne's parents were gunned down in front of him too.  Both incidents led to a desire for justice, a somewhat obsessive personality, and using a fake persona to keep others at a distance.  Wayne's, though, led him to become a hero/vigilante, while Edgeworth's led him to become the thing he absolutely did not want to become-a prosecutor.  If he was a superhero, though, I would not be very surprised if Edgeworth was a vigilante.  Yeah, he was a fan of order ( if not the bureaucracy and extras, like the entire ceremony of the prosecutor's trophy, that he viewed as unneccessary).  But I think the desire for vengeance would be stronger.  Which led to several more questions.
*Is Edgeworth a vigilante or villain?  (given the parameters of 'he's a superhero or supervillain in this particular world)
*Would he have just training, like the Batman, or would he have something else, too?  (If he does have another type of power, my bet would be on 'telepathy'.
*Butler, mansion, inheritance?  Or none of these things?
*Is he even aware of it?  (An idea I'm playing with is that he has a version of multiple personality disorder where he literally has no idea of the activities of his alter ego.)
*Prosecutor day job, or strictly superheroes?
*What about Phoenix?  Plucky reporter?  Goody two-shoes super?  Clueless, bumbling yet awesome lawyer?  Artist/actor?
And these are only some of the necessary questions.  I'm sure there are more waiting to be found.


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