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I'm sorry about ranting again!  I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people who rants about things on the internet, and here I am.  To be fair, it's pretty much just Moffat, but still... :(
Headcanon: Stephen Moffat's names are actually Steven Freaking Moffat or The Grand Moff.
Anyway, I've been having mixed feelings about the fifty year special, partly because I wanted to see people like Captain Jack on it, partly because it's going to be written by the Grand Moff.  Some of the trailers are amazing (I particularly like the one where it's paused time and they rotate the camera around...okay, I'm a goofy geek, but shhh, it's a secret).  I was getting really excited about watching it and maybe even buying tickets to go see it in theatres, despite the fact that some of the trailers scare me.  And with a track record like, say, Angels in Manhattan, no one can really say I don't have a good reason to be leery of betting on this particular writer.
Just saw The Night of the Doctor-a prequel mini-episode.  Got really excited because HEY IT'S PAUL MCGANN and I really need to go back and listen to all those audio adventures.  Longest running Doctor if you count audio adventures.
But then they did two things that ticked me off.  They really DID insert a Doctor in between 8 and 9, shifting everyone's number and putting Doctor Who closer to oblivion, especially considering that most people are under the mistaken impression that only 13 lives are possible (which, if we go with that...ends with the upcoming Doctor).  Not only does that mess with canon, it also does nothing to help my fears that Stephen Freaking Moffat is trying to run Doctor Who into the ground and be the last word, end all be all, etc.  The other thing is, the Time War is cool, from the few things I know about it-the War TARDISes, the Nightmare Child, the Gates of Elysium...but they're vague and powerful and beautiful that way, and he of all people should not be the one to be writing the Time War.
Might be watching Robot, The Five Doctors, or some of the Tenth Doctor stuff again.  I miss loving Doctor Who.  That spark is gone.  I mean, it used to be The Shiniest Show, and my imagination practically lived there.
No longer.
....If there's any reason I dislike Moffat, it's that he's managing to take a beautiful show away from me, and I don't want to let him destroy my love for the non-Moffat stuff, but he's winning anyway.  D':
I suppose part of it is that I've gotten to the point where I can evaluate writing and actually articulate what I don't like.  Still haven't finished The Girl in the Fireplace, for one thing-walked in halfway through them showing that one on TV, and didn't feel any need to go seek it out (even though i have it on DVD...)  I don't like love stories without substantial other stuff going on in the background (Princess Bride, for example, is a brilliant love story).  Things like that.
Maybe when I get some actual readers, I'll start asking questions and looking for dialogue, like 'what do you like in stories'?  For now, though, I should probably move on.
In other news, I'm on the current season of Supernatural, and it is amazing.  Though I'm scared where they're going with Zeke, and I hope the conspiracy theories are incorrect.
Also, found and began watching AA5: Dual Destinies.  Also amazing.  I CAN'T WAIT for Edgeworth to show, but the entire Nine-Tails Village thing is awesome (...I may be a bit of a yokai nerd, as I was naming a lot of the random 'Japanese monsters' mentioned...)  Apollo with his demon horns ;)  Also, I'm perfectly okay with Wright voiced by the same guy who voiced Akihiko (was NOT expecting it, but it works beautifully).
I SOOO wish I had more time to watch stuff.
Off to study.  Internets, wish me good luck on my test tomorrow!


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