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Potential spoilers again.  I'm going to try to not spoil too much, but that's not a promise (as you should know from me by now.)
OBJECTION!  There is no Ace Attorney Anime, and there definitely should be!  LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE!

Personal Anecdote
Type - Other
I never really 'received' this one, since it's my story...
I've enjoyed courtroom dramas since the first time I saw Perry Mason, way back.  Ace Attorney is a lot like that, only with the added benefits of more epicness and more awesome music (the main theme for Mason is awesome, but it's only that one main theme...)  The only thing I miss is the Prosecution cross-examining the witness (I think the 'preparing the witness' thing is when this basically happens, so the witness knows what the prosecution wants them to say.  I still miss it though.)
Like the previous, this game is also not voice-acted (aside from a few key phrases) but given the number of people let's play-ing and dubbing on youtube, this isn't too much of a problem.  (There are some very good voice actors out there.)
The Case of the Bashful Burro
Type - Perry Mason Episode
Noticed when I watched this particular episode recently.
People might say it's a little goofy at times and not be able to take it seriously, such as a certain scene in a specific case where Ace Attorney (Defense Lawyer) Phoenix Wright cross-examines an animal.  OBJECTION!  This was actually not absent from Perry Mason, either, as Mason once called a burro to the witness stand!  And if you actually look at the story lines, they are well-thought out and clever.
A Writer's Observations
Type - Notes
The punny names are a running theme, and they're also pretty clever (come on, it takes a lot to come up with names that are puns.  Believe me, I've tried.)  They add a touch of humor, which is supplemented by Phoenix's thoughts (he can be pretty funny and/or sarcastic) to what would otherwise be a pretty dark world-the betrayals alone earn a mention, and these are murder cases.  (No details for fear of spoilers though.)  The video game series achieves a good balance between light and dark, on the level of Buffy (earlier seasons), Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, or a few other things I've watched that I've loved (but seem to have forgotten).  Joss Whedon is a master, but he is by no means the only one capable of this balance (though it is somewhat rare).
Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney; Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations MUSIC
Type - Music
...Go on to youtube and listen to the music.  If you don't like it as is, look for remixes in the style of music you like.  IT IS GOOD.  AND EPIC.
Analysis of Setup Structure
Type - Scientific Notes (supplemented by Ema Skye, hence the chocolate stains)
The structure of the games is perfect for an anime!  If necessary, one could even do investigation and/or court phases, day by day, as episodes, depending on length.  Especially in later games, the various cases all connect together, but except for the 'finales', it's not necessary to watch all the episodes in order, either, making it easy for new viewers to tune in.  (The timelines tend to be messed up, so some indication of flashback/position in time relative to other cases and parts of cases would probably need to be added, if the order of cases is preserved.)

Phoenix Wright
The main character of the series (the one you play as in the games, for the most part).  He's generally a good guy, with a few very strange quirks.  He will often come off as somewhat naive, though at times the sarcasm of his internal thoughts definitely messes with this impression.  He will be operating blindly, only to have a sudden, blinding realization of the truth.  He gets pushed around by his friends a bit, especially since he's easygoing.  If you're innocent and he's defending you, though, he can be fierce and will do everything in his power to make sure the proper verdict is handed down.
Mia Fey
Wright's mentor.  She's also nice, though fierce in court as well (especially in a very certain case).  She has a tendency to suffer from Wise Mentor Syndrome at times and give completely vague, annoying, and unhelpful advice at times (that you figure out later was indeed Wise and really good advice...but you couldn't follow it because you didn't understand).
Maya Fey
Mia's sister, training to be a spirit medium.  She's very excitable at times, but her enthusiasm is endearing and occasionally even helpful!  (...sorry about that Maya, I couldn't resist.)
Miles Edgeworth
A prosecutor, sometimes referred to as the Demon Prosecutor or the King of Prosecutors.  Ruthless, willing to do anything to win.  But this is merely one side of Edgeworth, and there's a much deeper story behind his drive to have every defendant declared guilty.  He is far more complex than he first appears.
The Judge
We never learn the Judge's name.  He is good-hearted, but easily gets distracted, goes on tangents, or is swayed by arguments.
Larry Butz
Wright's friend, who can be a bit of an idiot (but also more observant than expected on occasion, and often gets himself in trouble, not entirely on purpose).
Dick Gumshoe
A policeman with the local precinct.  Enthusiastic and loyal, but also usually manages to miss a clue or a few.  His salary is ever-dwindling.

I rest my case.


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