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Seriously, wayyy too long posting, especially given that I've had this written for forever.  Annnnd, yeah, this is the chapter that hits the ground running.

Fandom: Death Note
Rating: I'm gonna go with 'Teen'.
Pairing: Beyond/Kyoko
Warning: Real Name Spoiler Alert.

Just as Light believes he has the situation under control again, a signal originates from Task Force Headquarters, heading for an unknown destination.  Beyond is aware this means that very shortly the other Wammy’s orphans will be involving themselves in the Kira Case, hoping to catch the murderer that killed their beloved role model, and believes that this foreknowledge gives him time to prepare.


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Hello Christmas Break (or whatever holiday you'd like to name it after, that's fine with me, but I'm using Christmas because.)  Time to go watch random movies and do all the stuff I never had time for and go watch the new Hobbit (this had better not been misdirected by Elves or Fran Walsh because if I wanted to go watch a movie about elves, I'd go watch the movies about the Simarillion they make in the future, and if I wanted to go watch a Romance which I really don't, I'd go do that instead) and all the different holiday/Christmas special events in all the games I play....
Most exciting.
In story news...oh, yeah, this is the chapter where Light suddenly gets a much more sympathetic portrayal than ever planned.  Though he is still to blame for any and all Misa-bashing.
Oh, Another Note (heheh...okay, not funny, moving on) the things that come before the actual chapter are recaps of the previous chapter.  In case anyone was confused by that.

Fandom: Death Note
Rating: I'm gonna go with 'Teen'.
Pairing: Beyond/Kyoko
Warning: Mention of self-harm

Beyond and Kyoko have joined forces to combat the killer Kira, and have discovered an interesting fact.  It seems that Kyoko, classmate to the man who is both Kira and acting as the New L, and Beyond, L’s ‘brother’, has the ability to predict Kira’s targets and avert deaths.  Even for Beyond, who can see the lifespans and names as soon as he looks at a face, this is unexpected…

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Fandom: Death Note
Rating: I'm gonna go with 'Teen'.
Story isn't dead!  Upcoming Pairing!  Kira being creepy!  ...actually, that last one's not really news.
DISCLAIMER: I turned left.

Well, yet another day I've gotten off of school.  So awesome.  So, yeah, instead of getting homework out of the way, the obvious thing to do is to post more fanfic! 
I didn't realize how much that song fit this chapter until I started listening to it while trying to figure out formatting, etc for this post.  IT FITS BEYOND SO WELL TOO.  Anyway.
Kyoko, so far, is coming off as an interesting mix of Io from Devil Survivor 2 (especially when she gets all flustered and throws up her hands) and Orihime from Bleach.  Especially the what-in-the-world-what-are-you-doing Orihime moments.  She's got that too.

Light Yagami, known to the world as Kira, decided that ‘Rue Ryuzaki’, ‘brother’ to L, must die.  To that end, he instructed the second Kira, Misa Amane, to kill him.  Somehow, Kyoko, a classmate, finds ‘Rue’ about to commit suicide and saves his life-the first time that anyone has managed to avert one of Kira’s ‘judgments’.  However, Beyond’s troubles aren’t over yet—Kira isn’t happy and now considers the man a serious threat (and even worse, possible resource), and Kyoko’s gotten herself tangled up in the mess as well…

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Yet another new Doctor (Call of Freedom)
Fandom: Doctor Who (AU with Alternate young!Doctor-and yes, I have a lot of those apparently.  It's fun playing with a Doctor who's only just now figuring out what he's capable of though)
Rating: PG
DISCLAIMER: I'm pretty sure I dreamed this at some point.  (I'm still waiting for another awesome dream to come around.)
Note: I was staring at the next chapter I have available for Nebula Star, and I'm somewhat unhappy by what I have for it.  I'll probably end up posting it eventually and going ANY FEEDBACK ANYONE PLEASE because the entire concept is highly important.  (I don't feel I've gotten it right, though, which is kind of my problem for the rest of the Nebula Star stuff I have as far as I've gotten...I may even scrap a few chapters because as much as it works, it also just doesn't.)
Note #2: I'm glad the comic came out correctly.  It originally came with the story (although I hand-wrote it and drew the comic by hand, so it wasn't all shiny and colorful).  And the story's just not the same without it.  (Augh, it doesn't work.  Says the file's too large.  I'll include a link to the next post which will have it so you can see it.)
Summary: The School is too constricting, so a few students make a break for it.  This turns out to be more of an adventure than they anticipated.
Call of Freedom )
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I wish my muses would get their act together.  I mean, it's fun having new ideas and all, but the half-formed ones that are really persistent but vague enough I can't quite write them are pretty annoying until either a) I actually just start writing and it works itself out on the page b) my muses suddenly make everything clear as day or c) the idea goes away.  It's especially annoying for productivity, because just about nothing gets done when they're doing this.  (What's especially weird is that the muses have found music for the new story, which usually means that I can actually write it.  Not this time.  What are they trying to pull?  *sigh*  Though given some of the muses I've picked up over the years, I wouldn't be too surprised if driving me bonkers is a legitimate goal...)  At some point I might make a muses post and introduce you to some of these insane people.  Maybe.  (We'll see...)
Ah well, at least I've got archived stuff so it's not like I can't post!  Aren't you all lucky?~  (All A/N are added on after the fact.  Except for the Justice Will Prevail ones, which were actually written with each chapter of the fic.  And I'm actually editing which ones of those end up with it, so in the end you still get a post-written version.)

Everyone in the BBC Sherlock fandom is fun to write.  I'm not sure why, and it's not something I would've thought.  (Anderson, even.  Seriously, that guy is annoying, but for some reason writing him is fun.  Now I know why he's there.  Well, that and they had to have an Unfriendly Skeptic.  But still.  Some things make more sense from the POV of a writer, rather than the audience.)
Oh, and if anyone can't tell, I'm kind of making up the cut names on the spot (meaning I don't always have chapter names).  ...At least for this fic I have actual chapters.  I tend to write in blocky form without chapters (though I do have paragraphs, which counts for something I guess).  If anyone really hates any of the cut names, feel free to say so (or better yet, offer suggestions!)  (I do feel it's a better idea to have those, rather than the simple 'Read More'.  That seems a bit boring, ne?~
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: Teen
Trigger Warning: Amnesiac Woman bluntly referring to Chapter Two (attempted assault).
DISCLAIMER: Everyone who has any rights to this show has a lot more money and influence than I do.  (I'm working on that, though.  It...might take a while honestly.)
Summary: Police Station.
Observation: Good Cop, Bad Cop )
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We'll get back to Justice Will Prevail at some point.  In the meantime, as a new user, I'd like an opinion from whatever readers I (will) have: how should warnings be phrased?  (I don't want the trigger warning to be triggering by itself.  I want to try to avoid making anyone feel that awful, but I don't know exactly how to go about posting warnings.)
At the same time, this is a little goofy and yet very appropriate.  Sinestro and Light Yagami have a lot in common.  It was a simple step from Raito's Corps of Fear to L as a Green Lantern, because he was definitely going for victory just by sheer force of will.  (And Misa as the obsessive yandere Star Sapphire, but we'll get to that later.)
Why is his name Raito in this one?  ...Mostly because 'Light Lantern Corps' sounds stupid.  And not at all menacing.  Which isn't the point, at all.
I'm curious-what Lantern Corps would your favorite character belong to?  Or just any characters, really.  It'd be fun to speculate.

Fandom: Death Note/Green Lantern Crossover
Rating: Teen
Trigger Warning: (Brief) mention of attempted sexual violence.  (Takuo Shibuimaru)
DISCLAIMER: If I owned Green Lantern we'd be getting a new movie already.  (Seriously, if the only complaint most of the people who watched the movie was 'I hated the CG costumes', that's a pretty flimsy dislike there.)  If I owned Death Note...hmm.  Not sure I'd change all that much, really.  Though we'd probably have Another Note as an anime, or Beyond showing up again.  He', in an extremely dark and twisted way.  (Black Lantern there.)
The Brightest Day and Blackest Night )
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Fandom: Death Note
Rating: I'm gonna go with 'Teen'.
Warnings: Dark.  Mentions of attempted suicide, self-harm, violent thoughts (Beyond Birthday).  Beyond has some serious issues.  Spoilers for Another Note and half of Death Note (though really, you should expect spoiler warnings from me by this time.)
DISCLAIMER: I'm not Ohba.  For one thing, I can't sit like L for long.  (Have you tried?  It's really hard!)
Oh, and I'm actually remembering I have this account and posting more often!  Yay!  (...It won't last after school starts.  *sadface*)

Note #1: By the way, for those curious among you…The whole ‘Dark Moon’ thing is a lie.  Beyond, like L, is a liar, and he made that up just to get sympathy from Light.  It is a pretty good story though.  And he might have experienced something like that…maybe.  Or maybe he’s just an incredible liar.  I’m not even sure Beyond knows the truth about his past anymore, beyond the parts at Wammy’s...  He’s slipping a bit off the deep end, and his lies are beginning to get mixed up with the truth in his head.  Oh, and he’s having quite a lot of fun driving Light crazy.  Probably not the safest to do that to a serial killer with a notebook of death, but…whatever, this is Beyond; he doesn’t care.

Note #2:  Oh, um…yeah.  I’ve only seen Episode 16 once, so forgot that Light moved the investigation to his apartment…all I can guess is, he’s moving a bit slower than he did in the anime.  Or, more likely, he’s splitting things between his apartment and the L Skyscraper…team meetings + other such things are held at his apartment, routine work at the L Skyscraper (that has the added advantage that he can keep tabs on the other task force members and out from his way on a regular basis, without really wondering when they’re going to show up…just a thought.)  

Note #3: I totally forgot about Ide…heheh, whoops.  And Aizawa.  haha.  Well, Ide doesn’t have an alias (that I know of) so he now has the alias of Ohayashi Hisao.

Beyond Birthday hasn’t been having the best week ever.  On one hand, he managed to get close to his target, Light Yagami, in the hopes that he can succeed where L failed and prove that the acting leader of the Investigation Taskforce is really Kira, thereby avenging his ‘brother’.  On the other hand, he had an almost complete mental breakdown, and while Kira doesn’t seem to suspect him, he also isn’t doing great at this whole detective thing...  

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Fandom: Death Note
Rating: PG-13.  I think.  Teen at the very least.  I mean, a mass murderer is the main character of the show/manga.
DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't want to own Light/Raito.  I do have Beyond Birthday on my contacts list in Gmail, though...not that that counts for anything.

Note #1: Raito=Light.  Those to whom English is their first language call him Light.  The Japanese call him Raito.  So that leaves…most of the American and English investigators calling him Light. 

Note #2
: Sorry about the font thing, I just like messing with fonts.  (Though they don't appear to be 100% cooperating this time...weird.)

Note # 3: Hey, guys…did this all take place in Tokyo?  (I mean…is that where the Yagamis live, etc)  Pretty much all I remember is that it was in the Kanto region.  If not…well, I messed up, and I’ll correct it later.

Note #4: Okay, this is beginning to sound like Author’s Notes: Randomness Edition….Did anyone notice that in the hospital when L is explaining Light automatically knows that Raye Penber was investigating him, despite the fact that that had never been stated?   I mean, he could just say that he’d deduced that, but he sounds sure enough that that should be a bit suspicious to say the least…

Note #5:
The Exorcist Theme (AKA Tubular Bells) is NOT a remix (or original) of L’s theme.  It sounds more like Near's.  I think it’s Beyond’s theme though.

Note #6: Also, just noticed this…is it a coincidence that, when disguised at Aoyama, Misa looks like Kyoko…a lot?  Just curious…

Summary: When Light Yagami kills L, he thinks the hard work is over.  His path is now clear to creating his perfect world.  When he takes over the position as the New L, it protects him.  As Kira and the leader of the task force, he can make sure that suspicion never turns his way.  He certainly doesn’t expect others to take L’s place…or that he hasn’t stopped playing; he’s just switched the game and rules…

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Rebel Doctor, Regeneration Episode
Fandom: Doctor Who (AU with Alternate Doctor)
Rating: ...PG?
DISCLAIMER: BWHAHAHAHAHA I OWN A POCKETWATCH.  I've noticed I have it, though, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a perception filter on it or anything.  And I keep opening it, and nothing happens, so...I'm going to guess I'm not a Time Lady, and don't own the BBC.  :(
Note: I don't actually have that much beyond this point done, so I probably will take a break from uploading Rebel Doctor and do something else.
Note #2: Does the lack of indentations bother anyone?  It doesn't bother me, but it doesn't carry over when I copy paste from Word.  I'd have to use a couple spaces to get the same effect.  I can go fix them if anyone wants though.  Ease of reading is important!  I don't want to go through all the trouble if it won't bother anyone though.

Rebel Doctor IX: New Girl )


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