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Warning: Ahead there be spoilers so mild the water barely stirs from the force of their passage.  Or something.  I'm kind of doing a weird wind-metaphor thing with spoilers, but it's just getting more bizarre as I go, so let's just get to the actual action, shall we?
Also, I'm not meaning to be offensive with my opinions.  You're completely free to have your own.  I just tend to get a little passionate about stuff I love, and Doctor Who was (and possibly still brain's still trying to work that one out) my favorite show.  Hence the rant warning.
Oddly enough, I'm still pleased.  Despite my ranting.   ....*shrug*

Glass Maiden/Crystal Blaze and Persona 4
More Comparison/Thoughts on Shows )

Doctor Who
Yeah, somehow I managed to rant a TON with minor spoilers and a truckload of analysis.  If you want to skip it, I'm separating it for cuts!
A Rant About Doctor Who )

I want to end on a good note, but...I can't think of anything else to talk about from what I've been watching recently.  Oh, yeah, I'm really looking forward to a couple things.  There's a Persona 3 movie coming out sometime this year, which will be highly exciting.  (Now they just need to get working on Persona 2 and/or Devil Summoner) *grins, thumbs up*.  Also this year is a new series of Time Agent, which is on youtube (it still should be, that is) which is kind of like a fan-made Torchwood and explores one of the things I've been hoping anyone in the Whoverse would do.  That is, explore stuff about the Time Agency.  It doesn't pretend it's the same universe (probably an AU), but still.  The promise, where it goes wrong.  Series One is kind of silly, but introduces you to some of the main characters, and is pretty much a starting series.  Series Two is when it starts to get good (Mortis is introduced, and one of my favorite episodes is still The Nightmare Forest even though I'm still a little confused about what the Circle is...)  Series Three is a must-watch and comes highly recommended.  Seriously.  Just find the trailer for Series Three or watch just a little bit.  From just the very beginning few minutes, you'd think it was recorded from TV.  The music, the plot, the characters, even the special effects.  And the length.  It's not just a ten minute 'we pulled this together.'  The username is Carroll13 or WellBilltProductions.  I found this and just keep watching it.  I'd probably order the DVDs they're putting together if I could figure out how.  (Jamie Carroll, the one with the Carroll13 channel, also did a Doctor Who series that I also quite enjoyed, though it's not the professional quality caliber Series Three of Time Agent had.  Partly because it's older and they didn't have quite as long of production times.  Or such a group of people working on it.)
Why are you still reading?  Go watch a little of it!


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