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The page feels cluttered when I don't hide everything behind cuts, so...have a cut!  (Or ignore this entirely if these don't happen to be the droids you're looking for.)  Maybe at some point I'll get out of the habit of essay writing.  (I doubt it though...)
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I've been kind of wanting to get something like this for a while now. It'll probably mostly be me posting fic and talking about things/ranting/rambling. Hopefully someone's entertained by it ;) (including me).
I'm in college, so I may go long periods of time without posting. Mostly I'll be posting fanfic. I do write other things, but they'll hopefully be published someday and not online.
I tend to be fairly security conscious, so most things I post will be geeky stuff, not Real Life stuff.
I will try to respond to everyone. If it's taking a while, one of three things may have happened. I may have my head in the clouds again. Sorry about that. It happens upon occasion. I may be caught up in schoolwork. That happens way too much. *sadface* I also may be taking a while to answer because what you said deserves an extremely well thought out response.
EDIT: I remembered something else of importance! I never abandon fic. My plotbunnies may hop in a different direction for a while, and my muses are just about as fickle, but I will return to it eventually. That being said, if you really, really want another chapter of something, poke me and I'll see what I can do.
SCHOOL'S OUT! Which is extremely exciting. It's earlier than some of my friends, too, which means I get to do things like this. Yay!!!
Oh, also, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there!
Uh, I can't think of anything else, so...first post! Go! :D


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