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Back again.  Like my CoH playing, really.  I'd gone from playing CoH to playing other games, but in the end I always returned to Paragon City.  That says a lot about a game.
So let's begin our journey, shall we?

Shoulder Mantle Cape

You've kept this shoulder mantle superhero costume obtained from Icon Tailors. It's a reminder of the number of hours spent in the costume creator in a mission you've come to think of as:

Masks and Capes )


Fly free, and remember, you don't need superpowers to be a superhero.  Sometimes, it just takes the one person saying 'I can't do much, but this is what little I can do', because together, we are mighty.
We are heroes.  This is what we do.
Hope you'll stay a little longer in this beloved city of heroes we've come to call home.
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For once, I'm not going to post a spoiler warning.  Why?  Because there's nothing to spoil, anymore.  I'm going to do a cut, even though I guess that it's going to be shorter than usual, simply because of the fact that this is a difficult thing for me to talk about.
Issue 0: Predawn )

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As usual, things are spoilery.  Maybe I should just have a general SPOILERS warning for absolutely everything that I post.  And it's been ages since I've been able to post anything-on vacation, but I'm back now, yay!  I'm kind of tired, so probably won't post that much.
I didn't bring my laptop, so I didn't really have access to anything, not even internet for most of the time.  (And the little bit of time I did have I ended up fixing someone else's computer, which really doesn't count.)  I could've taken my nook, but I haven't figured out how to get antiviruses on it yet so I've been paranoid-ly avoiding using the internet on it if at all possible.  At least avast! has security for cell phones.  And during that time, for absolutely no reason (because it's been a while since I've watched, listened to OST, or written anything about Persona 2, but that was what I missed the most and really randomly.  I still need to make my post about that, but I think I'll do that when I can actually be decently coherent about it.
Miles to the Edge )
And these are only some of the necessary questions.  I'm sure there are more waiting to be found.
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I have to get more organized about posting here.  :)  Maybe not daily, but...a better schedule at least.  Of course, I'm still getting used to having this to post things to, so... *shrug*  Might as well get to talking about the shows/movies/miscellaneous.  INSERT USUAL SPOILER WARNING HERE.
As to the fit my ironic sense of humor.

Iron Man 3
Summer Movie!! )I know there was pretty much 'you either love it or you hate it' from this movie.  I think it's probably because of expectations.  People want different things from their superhero movie.  (Some people, for instance, were probably hoping for another Dark Knight...which this movie certainly wasn't.  Some disturbing parts, yeah, but it didn't make me have to go watch something hopeful to cheer myself up so I wouldn't have nightmares.  Ironically enough, the darkest comic book I've ever actually enjoyed is the Green Lantern Blackest Night series...but I guess I'm either a Green or Blue Lantern, so that probably has some effect on my outlook on the series!)  If you're looking for more Silver Age (as opposed to Golden Age or Iron/Dark Age), then you've come to the right place.

Cowboy Bebop
End of series SPOILER )
Anyway, awesome series, and if you could handle Firefly + Serenity, you can handle this series.  In fact, you should watch it, now.

Phoenix Wright
Turnabout Essay )

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy
...Mercifully Good! )


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