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Dec. 3rd, 2016 12:25 pm
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I'd hoped that we'd have moved on from the shallow "I didn't even read the material but am now compelled to go on a quixotic crusade to show how righteous and openminded I am" readings of texts.  You know, the stuff that got Huckleberry Finn banned for using the "n-" word despite the fact that the message was anything but racist.
Instead we've got all these people losing their minds about a Caucasian looking woman cast as the Major in Ghost in the Shell when the director and the Japanese audience are fine with it.  Despite the point that the "ghost" (one's consciousness/soul?) and the shell (what body you wear) are a big part of the entire point of the thing.  Are bodies (shells) as important in that society as picking your outfit is today (i.e. they're what people see, they're what people judge you on, but it says more about your taste than who you are as a person)?
If you want to pick a different movie to lambast, try Death Note.  It *could* easily be adapted, as the story affects the entire globe, but as written it's clearly set in Japan.  L is a character of mystery, who could be played by practically anyone, but Light and family and the task force are Japanese.  So if you want to complain about "staying true to the source material", then complain somewhere where you can actually justify your views.
Or, better yet, complain about original movies and books.  They're just being created, so there is no original "source material" to stay true to.  Is there any particular reason why there can't be more of a diversity in cast?  Is there anything necessitating your choice to write a male lead, or could they just as easily be a female?  Would it make your story richer if the best friend is a different "ethnicity" (and I use the term in its most loose sense, because where we start creating hard classifications is where we mess up)?
Blame the audience--because in the end, Hollywood's just going to make movies that sell, and the TV networks are going to try to grab views.  Is there a reason your favorite comedy or sci-fi drama has to have an entirely white cast?  Why not seek out some less well known ones that have more of this diversity you want to watch?
(Spoilers: Some of my favorite series are Babylon 5 and the 1990's Flash.  Because they did a good job with a diverse cast and made you not even notice.  It was normal.  There's an African-American doctor who I legitimately forgot was African-American because it wasn't as important a part to his character as his arc was.  There's a Flash episode where there's a superhero who's African-American, and they don't go out of their way to point out HEY LOOKIE HERE WE GOT AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN SUPERHERO IN OUR CAST AREN'T WE FABULOUS it was just like "Oh, hey, this isn't weird and man this story's cool!"  The best diversity happens when you don't even notice because it isn't pointed out, it's just treated as normal, and that's how life should be.  We shouldn't notice these things.  We should get to the point where we don't have to watch a movie without having to look for all the white actors.  We should just appreciate a movie (or hate it, whatever) for its storytelling, its cinematics, the actor/actress's ability to act (or not act).  The point where social justice will have succeeded is when we don't need to have these discussions anymore because it. doesn't. matter.)

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were not built by slaves.  Stop that.  Stop spreading this myth right now, it's been debunked.  Here.  Here are some links.
Most of those within the field acknowledge the new evidence--because that's how knowledge works.  You find new evidence, a lot of it, that contradicts what you knew, so you revise your conception of how the world works. 
They found written documents, talking about the people working there.  Overseers were full-time-it was a job.  Then there were two other classes of workers.  The first is a respected 'builder job' group, where they were treated with honor and given better tombs than your average citizen.  The other is a group of citizens opting to pay taxes in the form of labor, rather than through contributing food to the granaries, etc.
And no, it wasn't torture to work on the pyramids.  Hard work, yes.  But they were paid well in food and beer (better than they could do on their own being a farmer).  They weren't forced to work during important times of the year for crops.  If they believed their religion, they were actually doing themselves a service as well.  After death, the passage to the afterlife was treacherous and full of mishaps.  They could help their Pharaoh safely make it through to the other side through the pyramids and what was placed in them.  In return, once they died the Pharaoh could help them safely make the journey.  That's why tomb robbers were considered so horrible-they were not only depriving the Pharaoh of what he needed to continue to live safely on the other side, they were also jeopardizing so many other lives (souls, I'll say with the caveat that the Egyptian concept of the soul was much different than our own).  That's why the Ancient Egyptians put traps, such as the rock acid traps and confusing false passageways--to protect their Pharaoh, to protect themselves.
That's not to say that there weren't bad Pharaohs.  Bad Pharaohs existed.  But on the whole, they were actually civilized, despite how we try to undermine that.
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I'm not going to bother repeating the excellent information you can find,, or pretty much any of the other articles you can find just by searching 'dangers of febreze'. 
(I'll pause this rant to explain the joke in the title...there probably are things dissolved in other things [which may be liquids dissolved in liquids], thus making it a solution according to the chemistry definition.  That being said...back to rant.)
I came back to the suite to find the roomies had opened my door to go in and use Febreze.  After they'd already blitzed the rest of the rooms.  I'd already warned them that cleaning solutions could be hazardous to my health (sensitivity if not downright allergy), but it seems they didn't realize that odor maskers ('eliminators' is the technical term they like to throw around, which is really kind of misleading) are included in that category.  Fair enough; I can't be mad at them because I made stupid assumptions that they would realize what I meant.  If we don't have frank discussions about this sort of thing, it's my fault for not bringing it up.  (That being said, if they ignore the note on the door that is a boiled-down-to-its-bare-minimum-complete-with-much-less-emotion, then that's the point where I can get mad at them.)
I'm very sensitive to smells.  I notice them more than most people, and while mood can be influenced by smell, mine seems more tied to it than for most.  Perhaps that's because overpowering smells can give me a headache much quicker.
(Febreze, due to the smells, can do that and give me a sore throat, which is why I'm really not keen on it given my recent issues with potentially lethal allergies.)
I don't like the smell of them.  Even the 'apple spice' although that's one of the best of the lot.  They're sickly sweet, and my first thought is not that 'this place is clean' but 'this place must be dirty--the smell's there to hide something.'  Maybe it's the smell of the chemicals themselves--I smell those too, and believe me, they're not pleasant.  It's acrid, almost unbreathable.  Thankfully not as bad as bromine (which is the hardest smell in the world to describe and the best I can do is explain that it (at least in me) triggers an instinctive 'run and hide' reaction), but it's still utterly noticeable.  Most people probably use it so much they don't even notice (or if they do, think 'that's what clean smells like').
I said earlier that the term 'eliminators' was misleading.  That's because the odor doesn't go anywhere.  The Febreze molecules just mask it, and go the step further of getting the odor molecules in little molecular 'cages'.  They stick around...and so does whatever was causing it.  I can't really speak to having pets, but I'm sure there are simple solutions you can find on the internet that don't involve breathing carcinogens for hours.  Plus, just because you can't smell it (mold, mildew, sweat, trash that needs to be taken out) doesn't mean that it's not still there.  Mold can be toxic, so you really want to take care of it and not just leave it around.  Take out the trash.  Get some dried mint and sprinkle it around (it has the added bonus of being a smell lots of icky insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, don't like--plus, it smells good!)  Make your own.  Go with vinegar (if you can stand the smell--I like it, but many people don't).  Or go the simple route--buy a good air purifier.  Even a small and/or cheap one may make a huge difference (I've noticed that the amount of dust/pollen/problematic smells has gone down significantly.  I still take out the trash often.)
Or, if you're the type that doesn't like change...go ahead and fill your lungs with cancer-causing chemicals with every breath you take.  Just don't inflict it on me.  I appreciate it.
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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers is a depressed book.
spoilers if you want to read the actual book; do not recommend reading the actual book unless you have to )tl;dr summary of the book:
bored bored BORED BORED BORED BORED                                    .....what the h*ll did I just read?
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Hopefully I'll post again soon and it won't be this.

I get the idea that romancing companions seemed like a great idea.  I even get that some people liked Corso.  I did too, to begin with.  Sure, he occasionally comes off as dumb, but he seemed like a good guy.  White Knight thing, yeah, but that could be used to describe Xander, too, and I like him.  They can come off as misogynist, but they can learn better, right?  It's an upbringing thing.  Xander definitely became a better person by the end of his arc, stepping into the role that felt natural rather than the one he saw on TV or from his dad.  So Corso could do that too, right?  Right?  Surely they'd have character development in something like this.

Okay.  He treats other female NPCs like they're actually competent, but occasionally he'll say something to suggest that as good as my Smuggler is at what she does, she should settle down.  With him.  Just projecting.  He'll give up on the idea.
The Romance Flag, where he gets drunk.  She turns him down, but too politely I guess.
Flirts with him later.  He's still acting like an actual nice guy.
He makes a few weird remarks, but okay, he still overall comes off as a pretty good, gentlemanly guy.
She flirts with someone else.  It's her character, what do you expect.  He acts like he owns her.  Warning sign.
She turns him down.  He's all like "It's just a phase.  You're mad at me now.  But I can be patient.  I love you."
That's kind of creepy.  Some people would say romantic, but.  It's disregarding your feelings in the matter.  You said you weren't interested.  It really means you're not interested.  You're not playing coy or anything like that.  It might be from some people, but to avoid things like restraining orders, take things literally.
...He has a habit of being nice, most of the time, and then just randomly saying creepy things at the weirdest times.  Like his elaborate fantasies of what's going to happen in the future that apparently he's convinced himself are completely real.  I haven't agreed to any of these, but hey, if he waits long enough I'll come around.  My Smuggler thinks about exiling him to the ship, but going alone in the zone she's in is kind of scary.  But wait, good news!  Wookie companion on the horizon.  RUSH TO FINISH LINE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  EXILE CORSO TO SHIP.  DON'T CARE THAT HE'S MORE COMPETENT THAN WOOKIE, IT'S BETTER THAN THIS.
...Except he has a habit of cornering her when she's on the ship.  "Did I do something?  Are you mad at me?"  Yes.  Yes, I am.  But I'm also scared, because you have clearly demonstrated that you don't care about my feelings or my ability to decide things for me.  Anger.  Entitlement.  Stealing a kiss.
Excuse me??   You got me with false advertising, here.  You said your product was "adorable, chivalrous, charming" companion.  What I got was "jealous, controlling, manipulative" companion.  I don't feel safe on my own ship anymore, because I have no idea when you'll snap again, or what you'll do when you do snap.  It's been a comment there, leading up to an action there, and what'll happen when you can't find reasons to stop, to hold back, anymore?  What if I'm not fast enough to get my gun and shoot you, because clearly words won't do anything to stop you??  You're stuck in fantasy-land with a goddess on a pedestal, and you get overly angry whenever I don't fit your expectations, which, news flash-no woman is going to fill your expectations because what you've created is something no real flesh-and-blood woman is going to be able to re-create.  I feel safer sleeping in the middle of Hutt territory with a Wookie standing guard.
I love my smuggler, and kind of want to create another female smuggler so I can go through the story and MISS EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO FLIRT WITH HIM BECAUSE I DIDN'T NEED THIS IN A GAME TOO.  But every time I think about it, I just...
(Something similar happened in real life.  I won't go into details, but I'd love to have guy friends who aren't boyfriends, but apparently that's impossible because any time I'm nice to a guy they take it as a sign that I'm head over heels in love with them.  At least one guy took it well when I explained that I wasn't ready for a relationship, and was supportive and actually nice afterwards and backed off from the 'creepy crush' territory.  Another guy didn't.  Nothing happened, which was good for me, but the level of unrestrained anger and entitlement about the issue was terrifying.)
Links because important:

*I nearly said 'human woman'.  Buuut that doesn't apply in a galaxy full of a bunch of different races.
**I tend to assume people are nice.  If they're acting nice, they're really nice.  Which is true for some people, and not true for others.  I like it when I'm proven right.  I'm thrown off and there's an uncomfortable dissonance when I'm proven wrong.
***Actually, I'd rather put him down on some planet and put out a galactic-wide restraining order on the guy.  With a potential *shoot if he ever shows his face near me again* clause.
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I'm sorry about ranting again!  I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people who rants about things on the internet, and here I am.  To be fair, it's pretty much just Moffat, but still... :(
Headcanon: Stephen Moffat's names are actually Steven Freaking Moffat or The Grand Moff.
yet another doctor who rant )
In other news, I'm on the current season of Supernatural, and it is amazing.  Though I'm scared where they're going with Zeke, and I hope the conspiracy theories are incorrect.
Also, found and began watching AA5: Dual Destinies.  Also amazing.  I CAN'T WAIT for Edgeworth to show, but the entire Nine-Tails Village thing is awesome (...I may be a bit of a yokai nerd, as I was naming a lot of the random 'Japanese monsters' mentioned...)  Apollo with his demon horns ;)  Also, I'm perfectly okay with Wright voiced by the same guy who voiced Akihiko (was NOT expecting it, but it works beautifully).
I SOOO wish I had more time to watch stuff.
Off to study.  Internets, wish me good luck on my test tomorrow!

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Warning: Ahead there be spoilers so mild the water barely stirs from the force of their passage.  Or something.  I'm kind of doing a weird wind-metaphor thing with spoilers, but it's just getting more bizarre as I go, so let's just get to the actual action, shall we?
Also, I'm not meaning to be offensive with my opinions.  You're completely free to have your own.  I just tend to get a little passionate about stuff I love, and Doctor Who was (and possibly still brain's still trying to work that one out) my favorite show.  Hence the rant warning.
Oddly enough, I'm still pleased.  Despite my ranting.   ....*shrug*

Glass Maiden/Crystal Blaze and Persona 4
More Comparison/Thoughts on Shows )

Doctor Who
Yeah, somehow I managed to rant a TON with minor spoilers and a truckload of analysis.  If you want to skip it, I'm separating it for cuts!
A Rant About Doctor Who )

I want to end on a good note, but...I can't think of anything else to talk about from what I've been watching recently.  Oh, yeah, I'm really looking forward to a couple things.  There's a Persona 3 movie coming out sometime this year, which will be highly exciting.  (Now they just need to get working on Persona 2 and/or Devil Summoner) *grins, thumbs up*.  Also this year is a new series of Time Agent, which is on youtube (it still should be, that is) which is kind of like a fan-made Torchwood and explores one of the things I've been hoping anyone in the Whoverse would do.  That is, explore stuff about the Time Agency.  It doesn't pretend it's the same universe (probably an AU), but still.  The promise, where it goes wrong.  Series One is kind of silly, but introduces you to some of the main characters, and is pretty much a starting series.  Series Two is when it starts to get good (Mortis is introduced, and one of my favorite episodes is still The Nightmare Forest even though I'm still a little confused about what the Circle is...)  Series Three is a must-watch and comes highly recommended.  Seriously.  Just find the trailer for Series Three or watch just a little bit.  From just the very beginning few minutes, you'd think it was recorded from TV.  The music, the plot, the characters, even the special effects.  And the length.  It's not just a ten minute 'we pulled this together.'  The username is Carroll13 or WellBilltProductions.  I found this and just keep watching it.  I'd probably order the DVDs they're putting together if I could figure out how.  (Jamie Carroll, the one with the Carroll13 channel, also did a Doctor Who series that I also quite enjoyed, though it's not the professional quality caliber Series Three of Time Agent had.  Partly because it's older and they didn't have quite as long of production times.  Or such a group of people working on it.)
Why are you still reading?  Go watch a little of it!


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