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Apparently, the thing to do in these situations is complain.  The basic details were hashed out between me and my muses last night.  Though I do have to say, I think I made them mad.  They refused to let me sleep until they'd gotten everything figured out, which meant it was a bit of a late bedtime.  Oh, well.  No sleep for a writer, huh?
(On a somewhat random note...why does it automatically space after putting a comma in the tags?  Not that it's really bad, but I just realized that's why it randomly becomes double spaced on me when I'm not even doing anything.  I'm just a bit puzzled.)

Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: Teen
Trigger Warning: Mycroft referring to Chapter Two.
DISCLAIMER: If I owned any of these ideas, I wouldn't be a relatively poor college student.
Summary: "What are you suggesting?"  "My dear Doctor Watson, I wish I knew."
Whatever Remains )
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I wish my muses would get their act together.  I mean, it's fun having new ideas and all, but the half-formed ones that are really persistent but vague enough I can't quite write them are pretty annoying until either a) I actually just start writing and it works itself out on the page b) my muses suddenly make everything clear as day or c) the idea goes away.  It's especially annoying for productivity, because just about nothing gets done when they're doing this.  (What's especially weird is that the muses have found music for the new story, which usually means that I can actually write it.  Not this time.  What are they trying to pull?  *sigh*  Though given some of the muses I've picked up over the years, I wouldn't be too surprised if driving me bonkers is a legitimate goal...)  At some point I might make a muses post and introduce you to some of these insane people.  Maybe.  (We'll see...)
Ah well, at least I've got archived stuff so it's not like I can't post!  Aren't you all lucky?~  (All A/N are added on after the fact.  Except for the Justice Will Prevail ones, which were actually written with each chapter of the fic.  And I'm actually editing which ones of those end up with it, so in the end you still get a post-written version.)

Everyone in the BBC Sherlock fandom is fun to write.  I'm not sure why, and it's not something I would've thought.  (Anderson, even.  Seriously, that guy is annoying, but for some reason writing him is fun.  Now I know why he's there.  Well, that and they had to have an Unfriendly Skeptic.  But still.  Some things make more sense from the POV of a writer, rather than the audience.)
Oh, and if anyone can't tell, I'm kind of making up the cut names on the spot (meaning I don't always have chapter names).  ...At least for this fic I have actual chapters.  I tend to write in blocky form without chapters (though I do have paragraphs, which counts for something I guess).  If anyone really hates any of the cut names, feel free to say so (or better yet, offer suggestions!)  (I do feel it's a better idea to have those, rather than the simple 'Read More'.  That seems a bit boring, ne?~
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: Teen
Trigger Warning: Amnesiac Woman bluntly referring to Chapter Two (attempted assault).
DISCLAIMER: Everyone who has any rights to this show has a lot more money and influence than I do.  (I'm working on that, though.  It...might take a while honestly.)
Summary: Police Station.
Observation: Good Cop, Bad Cop )


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