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I was thinking about a few video game series that I wished were anime. I would own them and probably watch them a million times. Also, potential spoilers. I don't say exactly what happens, but proceed with caution anyway.
Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha
It doesn't really matter which one (versus the Soulless Army or versus King Abaddon). Though DSRK: SA would make more sense, since it's the first one. I'm going to list a few reasons why.
1. Setting )
2. Characters )
3. Plot )
4. Music )
I didn't think it would take this long, but...I love these games.  So I guess there was quite a lot to talk about.  If you can check out the manga, do so too-it's amazing!  Unfortunately, I don't think much has been translated or I'd buy it.  One of the only at-times-depressing things about the games is that there's no voice acting-but obviously for an anime that would change.  If I've missed anything, say something!  And it doesn't matter how long ago this was posted; if you stumble onto this months or years later, feel free to say something.
I was planning on talking about the other two off the top of my head that should be anime-Persona 2 and Phoenix Wright, but it seems that will happen later.  Hope everyone's having a great morning/day/night!


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