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We'll get back to Justice Will Prevail at some point.  In the meantime, as a new user, I'd like an opinion from whatever readers I (will) have: how should warnings be phrased?  (I don't want the trigger warning to be triggering by itself.  I want to try to avoid making anyone feel that awful, but I don't know exactly how to go about posting warnings.)
At the same time, this is a little goofy and yet very appropriate.  Sinestro and Light Yagami have a lot in common.  It was a simple step from Raito's Corps of Fear to L as a Green Lantern, because he was definitely going for victory just by sheer force of will.  (And Misa as the obsessive yandere Star Sapphire, but we'll get to that later.)
Why is his name Raito in this one?  ...Mostly because 'Light Lantern Corps' sounds stupid.  And not at all menacing.  Which isn't the point, at all.
I'm curious-what Lantern Corps would your favorite character belong to?  Or just any characters, really.  It'd be fun to speculate.

Fandom: Death Note/Green Lantern Crossover
Rating: Teen
Trigger Warning: (Brief) mention of attempted sexual violence.  (Takuo Shibuimaru)
DISCLAIMER: If I owned Green Lantern we'd be getting a new movie already.  (Seriously, if the only complaint most of the people who watched the movie was 'I hated the CG costumes', that's a pretty flimsy dislike there.)  If I owned Death Note...hmm.  Not sure I'd change all that much, really.  Though we'd probably have Another Note as an anime, or Beyond showing up again.  He', in an extremely dark and twisted way.  (Black Lantern there.)
The Brightest Day and Blackest Night )
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...Yes, I'm leaving a bit of a cliffhanger for a bit.  Aren't I evil.  Bwahahahaha.
(Not that anyone's actually reading this at the moment, just in the future, so no one will actually notice.  Probably.  *sadface*)

Fandom: Doctor Who/Death Note Crossover
Rating: PG.  There's flirting, but what do you expect with Rose around?
DISCLAIMER: If I owned both of these, this would be canon because IT'S SO FUN.
I wrote a oneshot.  Exactly when did this happen again?   (There are...two other planned oneshots, but one of them's not finished, and one of them is.  But it's later than the middle one, so...I need to get working on it.  No, wait, three.  I forgot about the one with Martha.)
Anyway, an odd Doctor Who/Death Note futuristic AU.  That oddly enough works.  Really well.  Count that on my list of things I never expected from Death Note as a writer.  It just keeps surprising me.
(Note: Lyrics have been removed, since I know some sites are weird about that.)
Pretty much character study/fluff.  Oh, the fluff.
Mello and Rose: Spaceport Antics )


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