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FINALLY this worked.  It took a few tries, but it was worth it I think.  Still, yeesh.

The Dalek Speaks )
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Yet another new Doctor (Call of Freedom)
Fandom: Doctor Who (AU with Alternate young!Doctor-and yes, I have a lot of those apparently.  It's fun playing with a Doctor who's only just now figuring out what he's capable of though)
Rating: PG
DISCLAIMER: I'm pretty sure I dreamed this at some point.  (I'm still waiting for another awesome dream to come around.)
Note: I was staring at the next chapter I have available for Nebula Star, and I'm somewhat unhappy by what I have for it.  I'll probably end up posting it eventually and going ANY FEEDBACK ANYONE PLEASE because the entire concept is highly important.  (I don't feel I've gotten it right, though, which is kind of my problem for the rest of the Nebula Star stuff I have as far as I've gotten...I may even scrap a few chapters because as much as it works, it also just doesn't.)
Note #2: I'm glad the comic came out correctly.  It originally came with the story (although I hand-wrote it and drew the comic by hand, so it wasn't all shiny and colorful).  And the story's just not the same without it.  (Augh, it doesn't work.  Says the file's too large.  I'll include a link to the next post which will have it so you can see it.)
Summary: The School is too constricting, so a few students make a break for it.  This turns out to be more of an adventure than they anticipated.
Call of Freedom )


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