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I have to get more organized about posting here.  :)  Maybe not daily, but...a better schedule at least.  Of course, I'm still getting used to having this to post things to, so... *shrug*  Might as well get to talking about the shows/movies/miscellaneous.  INSERT USUAL SPOILER WARNING HERE.
As to the fit my ironic sense of humor.

Iron Man 3
Okay, so for starters, I went and watched Iron Man 3.  IT WAS AMAZING.  I don't know if I'd go so far as to say 'it's better than the original', which is what my friend said, but it was almost as good, and definitely much better than Iron Man 2.  The music was pretty good, even though it wasn't actually Ramin Djawadi.  His music for Iron Man (the first one) felt more...iconic.  But this soundtrack was still appropriately heroic, and I'm definitely interested in buying the soundtrack at some point.  Appropriate music is helpful where writing is concerned.  Being the plot junkie that I am, though, the plot is what really caught me.  It all fit so well, and is exactly the type of superhero story I love.  I don't want this overly dark, depressing stuff that gets you down for days.  No, it doesn't need to be all Golden Age happy/goofy/unrealistic, but there should be an overtone of hope even for the darkest of things.  A glimpse of light through the clearing.  Actions have consequences, and Stark's changed, at least a little, because he's facing up to that fact.  It was cool to see all the different suits, some specially designed for different functions, and it's totally understandable that a sleep-deprived genius 'mechanic' would spend his time just keeping coming up with new improvements to the suit.  It was kind of sad to see the earlier suits destroyed, because they have a history and I remember all of it.  It's sad to lose the past, but I suppose reminders of that past can drag you down and keep you out of the present.  The writers did a good job adapting 'the Mandarin'.  I haven't actually read any of the comics, but I read about him, and a bit of Iron Man's past in the comic books.  Iron Man is one of the most political superhero comics that I'm aware of.  Example shown in Iron Man-in the comics at first, the 'cave' was in Vietnam, and the series was anti-communist.  When America's scare was the Chinese, 'The Mandarin' became a major villain.  The series has done well to nod to the originals-relocating to Afghanistan, including the 'country is an enemy' idea without making it a major focus.  "We make our own demons".  The really cool thing about a point like this, about a movie like this, is that it can be interpreted.  Unlike the originals, which were very clear in 'black and white, good guy, bad guy, we should dislike them because they are obviously bad guys' propaganda-like feel, in the end, who really is the 'bad guy'?  And are they really completely evil, or do they still have a bit of goodness left in them?  Were they just led astray by the power-as the old saying goes, 'power corrupts', and how responsible are they really?  How responsible are we for the demons we create, however indirectly?  It does a good job of showing character development, too, especially by showing a flashback to remind us of the playboy Tony Stark and the current Tony Stark.  Same guy, some change and growth, yeah, but it's not like you look at him and can't tell who he is.  He's still a flirt, and he's going to have to deal with the repercussions of his actions, but it's dealt with really realistically and really well.  The first Rhodes is my favorite, but I understand why they had to switch (huge big deal about pay from what I gather) and this new guy isn't too bad.  There were awesome random characters-the English actor, the little kid, the fanboy.  Awesome dialogue, too.  The real villain fit perfectly.  I don't love him as a villain (I have a Rogues Gallery of villains I just find absolutely awesome) but he's appropriately sinister, insane, powerful, etc.  And he shows good character development too.  I suppose the fault would just have to go with the fact that he was sharing a place with such an awesome cast that he didn't really stand out as being above and beyond everyone else.  I absolutely love the part where Stark's out pretending to not be anybody famous, just 'Tony the Mechanic'.  And Pepper.  Pepper is awesome.  Not going to say too much on that topic because it's pretty spoilery, but if you're looking for heroes, she should be right there among them.  (And,  Bit of mystery, epic fights, secret identities, sidekicks, mistakes, the effect of past events on the present day...I know there was pretty much 'you either love it or you hate it' from this movie.  I think it's probably because of expectations.  People want different things from their superhero movie.  (Some people, for instance, were probably hoping for another Dark Knight...which this movie certainly wasn't.  Some disturbing parts, yeah, but it didn't make me have to go watch something hopeful to cheer myself up so I wouldn't have nightmares.  Ironically enough, the darkest comic book I've ever actually enjoyed is the Green Lantern Blackest Night series...but I guess I'm either a Green or Blue Lantern, so that probably has some effect on my outlook on the series!)  If you're looking for more Silver Age (as opposed to Golden Age or Iron/Dark Age), then you've come to the right place.

Cowboy Bebop
So, yes, I actually finished the series.  And yep, it ended about the way I predicted it would.  Unlike most of the people watching the show, though, I didn't immediately go 'I'm extremely depressed!!!'  Why is that, might you ask?  Well...I started watching the movie.  I haven't finished with it yet, but the transition is actually a lot smoother than you might think.  The final two episodes include a recurring motif, that of the dream.  Being alive could be dreaming, but alternatively, death could just be dreaming alone.  (I'm being kind of vague here because I don't remember the exact words.)  The movie starts with Spike asleep on the couch and narrating, talking about a dream.  While chronologically the movie takes place between episodes 21 and 22 (I think...don't remember exactly but it's around there), the motif of the 'dream' may, in fact, mean that everything after the movie may have been just a dream.  It's quite probable that this wasn't what was intended, but the fact that this interpretation is even possible is really cool.  Besides the fact that the first, oh, five minutes are really cool and I've probably watched them a dozen times...Spike wandering into the store which is being held up while wearing the headphones not only demonstrates an unusual amount of Awesome but is also totally hilarious as well.  And the fact that Spike's final word/action was 'hand gesture 'Bang!'' (which immediately reminded me of L from Death Note, which got me excited all over again)...even if he really did die, it was a fitting death and I'm really not too unhappy about it.  Odd, because my favorite character was Spike, and usually I get all upset if someone dies...  I wouldn't really mind more ambiguously set movies or anything, but wrapping up that awesome little ending in a neat bow would be kind of...I dunno, unnecessary? 
Anyway, awesome series, and if you could handle Firefly + Serenity, you can handle this series.  In fact, you should watch it, now.

Phoenix Wright
Finally finished watching playthroughs of games 1 and 2.  As always, I'm bad about reading fanfic and spoiling certain things for myself, but there are some things you only get by watching the actual thing.  (There are probably even more things that you probably only get by playing it...but oh well.  Maybe someday, when I actually have this thing called money.  And I don't even have a Maya taking all my money for burgers and goodness knows what else.  Just this greedy thing called 'college'.)  I'm a more auditory person, so having people dub the games really helps.  It's one of the sad points of it and Devil Summoner Raidou Kuzunoha, but there's pretty good reasons for not dubbing (among other things, it's cheaper!  But it also allows for a wider range for your imagination to roam freely).  Gant scares me, when he's not talking about giving away money.  I'm not sure how to take the swimming thing.  And I'm not sure exactly how much of the 'I'll help everyone and am friends with everyone' is just a persona or facade.  There were definitely points of Farewell, My Turnabout that were really cool, especially the part where Edgeworth realizes what's going on, wants to help, and ends up aiding Phoenix in stalling and ultimately losing the case...which is oddly enough a victory...the complexity and sheer uniqueness of the case is really cool.  As well as the 'butler'...but then again, I just generally think butlers are cool.  Looking at it, though, I can't tell exactly which case so far is my favorite.  Turnabout Goodbyes was pretty cool, especially where Phoenix is cross examining a parrot, but there hasn't been a case that I've absolutely loved every second.  (Partly, this may have to do with the fact that I keep going OH NO THIS IS REALLY BAD HOW WILL THEY GET OUT OF THIS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  ....and then realizing everything's fine and going just as planned.  Or in the case of Wright, stumbled into as the case may be.  The memories of the cases are cooler than actually watching them, too, which is just...a strange situation that I've never encountered before.)  I'm most of the way through Ace Attorney Investigations (on Turnabout Ablaze, which I first mistyped as 'Turnabout Alba' which is kind of....well, ironic, considering he's one of the ambassadors involved in the case) and absolutely love it.  Of course, it helps that the dubber has an English accent for Edgeworth.  And really funny reactions to what's going on and just everything.  Also, a perfect accent that is now my headcanon for Shi Long Lang.  My favorite case overall (including Phoenix Wright) would have to be Turnabout Airlines, though that may be due to KZ's accent for Ms. Teneiro.  Eh, everything's awesome in that playthrough.  I do have to say, it was interesting and entirely unexpected the way the 'Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth Chooses Death' was placed in the story-just referenced at the very end, hinted at throughout.  (And realizing that Case 5 from Ace Attorney was added on later helps make the story flow much more'd think they would've figured that out when writing it for later copies, but...oh well.)  I kept waiting for them to find the note or whatever, but nope, never happened onscreen.  And Edgeworth aiding Wright's cases from offscreen was really cool.  (I need to find new adjectives!)

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy
Looking up!  (Of course, Rory's dad was just as awesome as his son, but there were still some parts in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship that threw me out of the story or that I went...what, reeeeaaaly is this necessary?)  This one was just as awesome as suggested in the trailer.  This is what a Doctor Who episode should be.  It's not all about the companions, it's about the old blue box and where it takes the time/space travelers.  Because, really, every single place that they go is somehow related to the companions, or even to the Doctor?  When the TARDIS had been so random about destination most of the time before?  I highly doubt it!  ...Note to self, been watching too much Phoenix Wright, as had the urge to shout Objection and point finger!  (I even found myself comparing it to Peacemaker, one of my favorite Doctor Who books with Tennant also set in the Wild West...and what can be more of a compliment than that?  Besides the 'Knights of Cydonia' thing.)  Also, Ben Browder.  Who's from Farscape, which is another series that people should watch!
Now if only the quality stays, I might actually buy the season instead of just catching up through rental....


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