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I'm not going to bother repeating the excellent information you can find,, or pretty much any of the other articles you can find just by searching 'dangers of febreze'. 
(I'll pause this rant to explain the joke in the title...there probably are things dissolved in other things [which may be liquids dissolved in liquids], thus making it a solution according to the chemistry definition.  That being said...back to rant.)
I came back to the suite to find the roomies had opened my door to go in and use Febreze.  After they'd already blitzed the rest of the rooms.  I'd already warned them that cleaning solutions could be hazardous to my health (sensitivity if not downright allergy), but it seems they didn't realize that odor maskers ('eliminators' is the technical term they like to throw around, which is really kind of misleading) are included in that category.  Fair enough; I can't be mad at them because I made stupid assumptions that they would realize what I meant.  If we don't have frank discussions about this sort of thing, it's my fault for not bringing it up.  (That being said, if they ignore the note on the door that is a boiled-down-to-its-bare-minimum-complete-with-much-less-emotion, then that's the point where I can get mad at them.)
I'm very sensitive to smells.  I notice them more than most people, and while mood can be influenced by smell, mine seems more tied to it than for most.  Perhaps that's because overpowering smells can give me a headache much quicker.
(Febreze, due to the smells, can do that and give me a sore throat, which is why I'm really not keen on it given my recent issues with potentially lethal allergies.)
I don't like the smell of them.  Even the 'apple spice' although that's one of the best of the lot.  They're sickly sweet, and my first thought is not that 'this place is clean' but 'this place must be dirty--the smell's there to hide something.'  Maybe it's the smell of the chemicals themselves--I smell those too, and believe me, they're not pleasant.  It's acrid, almost unbreathable.  Thankfully not as bad as bromine (which is the hardest smell in the world to describe and the best I can do is explain that it (at least in me) triggers an instinctive 'run and hide' reaction), but it's still utterly noticeable.  Most people probably use it so much they don't even notice (or if they do, think 'that's what clean smells like').
I said earlier that the term 'eliminators' was misleading.  That's because the odor doesn't go anywhere.  The Febreze molecules just mask it, and go the step further of getting the odor molecules in little molecular 'cages'.  They stick around...and so does whatever was causing it.  I can't really speak to having pets, but I'm sure there are simple solutions you can find on the internet that don't involve breathing carcinogens for hours.  Plus, just because you can't smell it (mold, mildew, sweat, trash that needs to be taken out) doesn't mean that it's not still there.  Mold can be toxic, so you really want to take care of it and not just leave it around.  Take out the trash.  Get some dried mint and sprinkle it around (it has the added bonus of being a smell lots of icky insects, such as flies and mosquitoes, don't like--plus, it smells good!)  Make your own.  Go with vinegar (if you can stand the smell--I like it, but many people don't).  Or go the simple route--buy a good air purifier.  Even a small and/or cheap one may make a huge difference (I've noticed that the amount of dust/pollen/problematic smells has gone down significantly.  I still take out the trash often.)
Or, if you're the type that doesn't like change...go ahead and fill your lungs with cancer-causing chemicals with every breath you take.  Just don't inflict it on me.  I appreciate it.
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