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(I should be homeworking, but it still smells of smoke and I'm a little upset.)

Trivia games always make me melancholic.  This isn’t particularly helpful after the anxiety of earlier today (a lot of work coming up, accidentally burning a potato in the microwave and setting of the fire alarm which believe you me had me absolutely mortified). 

               They always invite such judgement.  Why?  Things that people believe everyone experienced in their childhood…aren’t.  And when they learn they’re wrong, that you and they do not share the same literary platform, they’re outraged.  It’s a how dare you moment.  It’s a what’s wrong with you moment.

               For me, there’s no Pokemon.  Just never caught my interest.  A lot of the cartoons you’d name; I’ve never seen, or maybe just one episode.

               Gravity Falls looks interesting.  Teen Titans, too.  Haven’t watched them, though.

               My childhood?  Lord of the Rings, Liberty’s Kids, Magic School Bus, Princess Bride, Swan Princess, Anastasia, Hercules (the series), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Danger Mouse, Poirot, Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, Clue, Indiana Jones (and the young variations—they were actually really good), Star Wars, Muppet Treasure Island (but none of the other ones), Redwall (books and series), Bionicle, Dragons, Harry Potter, Miyazaki (especially Totoro).  The few Disney: Aladdin, The Sword in the Stone, the Black Cauldron, Robin Hood, City of Heroes (later on, but still valid).

               I never wanted to be a princess.  Being a princess was boring.  You didn’t do anything.  You just sat there, passive and useless, while the guys got to actually do stuff.  Swan Princess and Anastasia were interesting in which they weren’t the complete damsels in distress.  I wanted to be the adventurer.  I was Hercules with a brother sidekick Iolaus.  I was the captain of the good-hearted Redwall pirate ship.

               I’ve seen some of those things, like Yugioh and Bleach, since.  Pokemon still looks…well, I don’t care.  I’m old enough now that I can analyze that.  It’s the sort of thing where I should care.  I love Persona, in which it’s pretty much the same ‘gather powerful things that can fight’ mechanic, but then, there’s this whole Jung symbology and tarot and mythology.  Mario looks like it’s mostly a nostalgia draw for people, and I don’t have that same motivation.  Zelda might be interesting, but I’m pretty sure I don’t own any systems on which I could play said game. 

               Watching Frozen with a Disney-fan made me realize another reason that I didn’t tend to care much about that sort of thing.  The concerns…well, they make sense.  A kingdom isn’t exactly small in the grand scheme of things.  But the problems still felt so…tiny.  (Especially Princess Diaries.  I fell asleep.)  Compared to the scope of saving the entire universe (Star Wars) or Middle Earth (if you don’t know this one, go at least look at it right now—you might find you like it).  I got to the end of the movie and I was like “okay, I like the characters, the songs were great, the ice 3-D was blow-your-socks-off-not-unnecessary-3-D-use, but there’s something wrong” and then I realized that they don’t travel.  Not far.  It’s like the hobbit in Bywater complaining about the really really long walk to Frogmorton (hint: it’s not that far at all).  The world’s smaller.  It doesn’t have the grand scope of dreams that I’m used to.  They feel confined.  And that’s fine.  People like Realistic works, too.  This isn’t a “the way you see the world isn’t valid”, because it’s totally valid and I like that you’re there to offer a different perspective.

               But I’m not like that, and that’s totally valid, too.  I could make the excuse that Mom wanted us to mostly watch educational type TV, and spend most of our time reading.  I could blame her, but I don’t feel like there’s actually any blame to be had.  I don’t feel cheated.  I don’t feel like I’m any less of a person for not being immersed in this pop canon (I’m using the English Majory definition of ‘canon’ to mean ‘an important volume of literary works that should be required for everyone to read/in this case watch’; it should be noted that while this is agreed upon by tradition, it’s also highly subjective).  I don’t feel impoverished for spending most of my time in my imagination, rather than watching shows.  I probably wouldn’t have written anything original, wouldn’t have gone on the track of becoming a writer, if I didn’t have time to just play around with ideas and tropes and heroes in my brain.  I like who I am, and while it hurts me that you feel the need to judge my childhood viewing, I’m not going to apologize for it.

…/end sorta rant.

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