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Somehow, I spaced the fact that I've got more chapters of Justice Will Prevail written than I've posted.  Not sure how that happened.
Oh, Light, you extreme chauvinist you…

Fandom: Death Note
Rating: I'm gonna go with 'Teen'.
Pairing: Beyond/Kyoko

Near has at last made his move.  He offers his aid to Light, who realizes with a sinking feeling that nothing appears to be going as planned anymore.  More have joined at the chess game, and it seems no one knows what game they’re playing anymore.  When he killed L, Kira definitely was not expecting for all the Wammy’s kids to come out to play.  If he thought Beyond was a problem, try Beyond, Kyoko, Near, Mello, Matt, and several others…all with their unique approaches at catching Kira, and several of whom may have game-changing powers…


Light continued to stare at the phone in his hand, feeling a dead weight settle in his chest.  ‘But…what’s this feeling?  N…this feels like…L.  All over again.  I never stopped fighting him.’  L had been clever.  Even in his death, he had not stopped fighting.  He’d promised to capture Kira, and even after death, he continued to fight to fulfill that promise.  ‘How do you kill a dead man?’ he wondered nonsensically.  He shook his head, trying to clear it of the cobwebs of the past, only to catch this guy…N…talking.  Jerk.  Why couldn’t he just stay out of it?

“I said we wouldn’t rely on L.  That means the CIA and FBI take orders from me, not L.  However, this kidnapping is an unforgivable crime and might lead to the arrest of Kira.  So I will lend you my full support.”  The voice was calm, quiet, somewhat high.  Almost a woman’s.  That stung even more, that this interloper might well be a woman.  Losing to L was one thing, but he would never lose to a woman.  Not even Misa.

‘Lead to the arrest of Kira?  Who does he think he is?  He’s so confident…’  With good reason, Light had to acknowledge.  How this person had obtained their information was important, but in some respects irrelevant.  What this N person was demonstrating was that he or she had a way to obtain information he foolishly believed he’d had under wraps.  A thought occurred to him.  Those related to the police were considered Kira suspects, because they’d have a way to access confidential investigative information.  What if this N person was also to be found among relatives of the Japanese Police?  Or…what if this N person had been the one to intercept the hidden transmission?

Apparently N had noticed that he hadn’t said a word in quite a while, still in shock and thinking over possible counter-moves to deal with this insanity, for the encrypted voice asked smoothly, “What’s wrong?”

He had to respond, and quickly.  So far, he realized, he hadn’t been making a good accounting of himself.  A fact that only made him angrier.  Once he found out N’s name, the investigator would die for humiliating him so thoroughly.  “N-nothing.”  Time to share some information.  The more he shared, about this particular incident anyway, the more likely they were to have Rue-kun back, safe and unharmed.  He hoped.  And then perhaps the sooner they could get rid of this N person.  “There were at least two people involved.  One of our members witnessed the kidnapping, but since one of the kidnappers drugged him at the time, he unfortunately was unable to tell us much.  We do know that a blonde woman served as a distraction, while the other, in a car, took Ru-sorry, Rae.  We do not know the license plate numbers, or even exactly why he was taken, although we also suspect that this was related to the Kira investigation.”

A long silence followed, and Light had to concentrate not to ball up his fists.  Was N examining what he believed to be their incompetence?  He’d like to see the elusive member of this group, the SPK, do any better.  Finally, N spoke.  “I’d like to speak to the witness, please.”

Light’s eyes narrowed, but he could hardly say no.  He carefully passed the phone over to Matsuda, canceling the encryption surreptitiously.  Better N not think they were using the same phone at least, or he would just dismiss him as a cat’s paw of the Task Force if he hadn’t already.

Matsuda swallowed.  “Um…yeah?  Hi?” he ventured, sounding even more nervous than normal.  ‘Thanks for making the Task Force look incompetent, Matsuda-kun…’ Light thought despairingly.

At least N didn’t chuckle at him.  “Could you describe the kidnappers to me?”

“Uh…sure.  Uh…well, the blonde was…pretty.  She…uh, pretty blue eyes?  Shoulder length, almost gold hair.  Skintight leather…” He was blushing furiously by this point, Light noted.  Great.  Just what he needed.  As if the situation wasn’t bad enough.  Only Matsuda could have been suckered into that one.  “…She’d been riding her motorcycle and was a little lost.  I was trying to give her directions, when I noticed that Rue wasn’t there any more.  I turned around to check, and saw him slump down in the back of a car just leaving, and the woman thanked me and roared off before I realized that she was probably involved too…”  He was rubbing the back of his neck anxiously.  He still felt guilty, and was losing self esteem.  Again.  ‘NO, Matsuda.  You can mope, but not until AFTER we get Rue-kun back.’

N was silent for a moment.  “Was the other red-haired, and wearing goggles?”

Raito tensed.  So N knew, or had a guess, of who was behind this.  “I…um…maybe?” Matsuda replied.  As a reply to the incredulous silence, he stammered, “They drugged me!”

“They’d have been stupid not to, since they kidnapped him right in front of you,” N replied evenly.

“N, do you know who was responsible for the kidnapping?” Raito asked quickly.  The others gasped.  How could they have missed that clue?

One of the longest pauses so far followed.  Hmm.  So N didn’t want to share what he knew.  Was it just a natural rivalry, that N didn’t want to give the Task Force the information because he stated that this might lead to the arrest of Kira, and he wanted to be the one to do that?  Or was it because he knew the people he was describing to the Task Force?  Or, perhaps, was he even involved in said kidnapping?  Maybe he was using others as bait, hoping that Kira would kill them, consequently narrowing down his list of suspects to the Task Force?  **** him!  Now Raito’s hands were tied.  He couldn’t kill them or he would be on the list of Kira suspects.

“I…have a suspicion. I am not certain, but I do know of two answering to that description who might possibly behave in this manner.  I…” the sentence was bit off.  So N really was being careful about what he let the Task Force know.  Then again, he was from an American group formed specifically to not deal with L, so his caution was a little understandable.  But why didn’t they trust L anymore, other than the fact they knew the old one had died?  Was it simply because they believed him incompetent, simply because he didn’t have any experience?

“And what assistance were you going to give us?  Your man Conners-san never specified.”  He pressed the questions, hoping that at some point he’d actually get a straight answer for something from this self-important annoyance.

“Well, for instance, I was going to give you a relative idea of where to look,” N stated.

Matsuda literally launched himself at the screen.  If N had been here, he would have torn the mysterious leader of the SPK apart with his bare hands.  “You…you were responsible?”

The sarcasm was actually audible in N’s voice at this point.  “No.  I am simply using logic to deduce the best place to search for…Rae.  The kidnappers would avoid being seen and reported at all costs. They do not want to die—and they will, if Kira gets a name and face.  Thus, they would travel to an uninhabited area of town, or one where questions are not likely to be asked.  If I were you, I would investigate warehouses or apartments.  Also, you should consider how they would reach such a place without being noticed as well.  The location may be perfect, but if they are unable to transport their captive unnoticed, they will not use it.”  The fact that he’d actually needed to explain this to the New L was…disturbing.  Was he really that much smarter than the Task Force’s replacement?  “I also wished to ask what your plan for finding Rae is, and perhaps would improve upon or suggest another plan instead.  Once we had agreed what approach we wished to take, the FBI agents would follow their orders.”

“So what’s your plan?  Are you going to give the NPA orders?”  The new L hoped that he’d made it clear enough he wasn’t about to let that happen.

A long pause followed.  Then words that he’d never thought to hear from this overconfident jerk came through the line.  “…No.  I’ll let you have full authority on this, L.”  With that, N hung up, and they were left staring at the Raito and the phone, wondering who this N person was anyway, and what exactly that last part had been about.  L had been easy to understand.  This new investigator was difficult to understand or to predict…


Kyoko literally threw herself across the room when she heard her phone ringing.  Her hand trembled as she picked it up.  Maybe Rue was okay!  “He-hello?  Rue-kun?  Is that you?” she asked, heart hammering, hoping against the slim chances that he’d managed to…well, whatever.  Finished whatever he was doing, or escaped his captors.

She was disappointed as a voice rendered unrecognizable by electronic scrambling asked, “Is this Sato Kyoko, friend of Ryuzaki Rue?”

She hesitated.  It sounded like L’s voice.  She’d looked up a recording of L’s challenge to Kira while waiting, figuring that being informed was much better than being dead, or spending the time worrying about her boyfriend.

“…It’s Nakasato,” she corrected, figuring that being cautious was the least she could do.  What if this was Yagami?

A silence followed, and she was left waiting.  “That is a sensible precaution for you to take.  I will make sure it appears online, in case Kira is trying to track you.  I am N, a new investigator for this case.  I know you are acquainted with Rue.  I thought you would be interested to know that the Japanese Police have Rue officially listed as a missing person.”

What?” she screamed into the phone, before calming herself quickly.  Bad move, Kyoko, way to let everyone know that you really have a crush on him and then therefore might be used against him.

“…You’re…close.  I see.  They are planning to move soon.  However, I have an idea of where he might be held.  Would you be comforted to know that I do not believe he is in any real danger?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, struggling to keep her voice from breaking on her.  “He’s missing!  Do you have any idea of what might have happened to him?”

Matter-of-factly, ‘N’ answered, “You believe he may have been hurt by Kira.  I am fairly certain that he was kidnapped by two known as…” a hesitation, “…Mello and Matt.  Both also graduates of the orphanage known as Wammy’s.  They probably mean no harm and are only attempting to gather information about this case.  If you like, I will tell you about the notebook, so you can pass that information on to them.”

“…what notebook?  Why?” she asked, attempting not to break down crying or slam her tiny fist onto the table.  Or both.

“A notebook of death.  The more informed investigators there are on the case, the more likely we are to catch Kira.  It is logical.  Some of us may die in the attempt, but the one who completes the puzzle will win the game.”  This guy sounded so…cold!  She could believe this might be Kira.

Her fists clenched.  “What if some of us die?”

“The ones who lose are nothing more than losers.  The risk is worth the goal of stopping Kira.  Will you help me stop him and save someone close to you?”

She closed her eyes, thinking.  That’s why Rue didn’t think she should be involved, she thought.  She wasn’t as good at mental chess—or tennis—or whatever it was they were playing as he, L, Light, and whoever else might be involved.  She’d love to help.  On the other hand, this might be Kira.  Was it worth the risk…?


Mello and Matt had pulled up chairs to sit next to Beyond as he had poured out every piece of information he had been able to gather recently, even the words he’d heard that had made no sense to him, but he’d gathered were important in some way.

Once he’d finally finished, he allowed his head to droop.  He was exhausted.

“That was less than I’d been hoping, Beyond,” Mello commented, breaking off one of the last pieces of his chocolate bar with a satisfying snap.

The raven’s head shot up, a snarl building on his lips.  “Well, I’m sorry, Mello, that I didn’t want to be overly suspicious and get myself killed in order to get information for you.”

“Oh, yes, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself,” Matt remarked sternly.

The head, straggling hair and all, turned to look at the gamer, who couldn’t hold in a grin, even as hard as he was focusing on his handheld.  Beyond slapped him lightly on the shoulder.  “Don’t do that!” he warned, chuckling slightly.  Creepy as it was, interrogation, pain, threats and all, he was once again enjoying himself immensely.  Here in one of the Spooky Warehouses of Japan was really their sort of Wammy’s Reunion, and they were acting much closer now than they ever had at the orphanage.  Joking around.  He could get to really enjoy this.

And then they heard the sounds of footsteps upstairs, and all three froze. Mello snarled, hand falling to his too-tight pants.  If he had a weapon in there, Beyond did NOT want to know how.  Actually, he'd rather not know MANY of the things about Mello.

Even Matt had an expression on now, looking slightly scared.  "Uh, I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but...we need to hide.  Now."

"Oh, well done.  Thanks, genius," Mello muttered, swallowing the rest of his chocolate in one bite.

Now that they were going further into the darkness, Beyond couldn't see the playful smirk on Matt's face.  But he could hear it in the red-head's words.  "You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm."

“Smart***,” Mello replied, but Beyond could hear the fond tone within it.  Beyond reached out and put a hand over both their mouths.  Someone had to be practical here, and if it had to be their captive, so be it.

He stiffened at the next sound.  He couldn’t make out the words, but he didn’t need to for now.  All he needed to do was recognize the voice.

Kyoko-chan.  Here.  Now.  Why?

His brain began to swirl, to work faster than it ever had before, all the while ignoring the looks he was probably getting from the other Wammy’s kids.  They were probably wondering what was going on.  He wondered that himself.  But he didn’t want to be heard, not yet, not until he knew…

Okay, had she been kidnapped?  Come looking for him on her own?  With the Kira Task Force?  Why was she here?  The animal within roared, wanting to be let out, and instantly his mind was filled with the blood and the pain that he knew he could cause.  Clinically, he understood the human body.  He’d had lessons on it, and his morbid curiosity led him to dig deeper, to research on his own and to understand various techniques of torture, interrogation, and death, although the normal part of his mind rebelled, no, cringed at the thought.  His conscience, he supposed.  He knew how to hurt them, and he’d never felt so tempted to do that in his life before.

Only if she was dead, he promised himself.  Even if they…hurt her badly, in ways he could (depressingly) begin to imagine, he thought he’d leave them alive, if in pain, for the rest of their miserable lives once the law caught a hold of them.  Death was too quick, too kind.  He’d make them suffer.

But she wasn’t dead, and he didn’t think he had to act.  Not yet.  She didn’t sound as if she was hurt, or truthfully all that scared.  He did have to figure out what was going on, though.  Coming gallantly to her rescue.  He just hoped she wouldn’t think he’d make a habit out of it; if she started counting on him, he’d fail her when she needed him most.

If the Task Force was here, and saw him unharmed, kidnappers nowhere to be seen, they might begin to suspect something.  If they saw Matt and Mello, both might be dead before too long.  It probably made more sense to send him in as the scout.  At least they probably wouldn’t kill him.  If it was just her, calling for him, everything would be fine.  If it was the Task Force, he could tell them they’d used drugs or…something.  He’d think of something.  If it was someone else, it probably didn’t matter whether they saw anyone.  Matt and Mello could take care of themselves.

Slowly he eased away, making sure that they got the idea to be quiet and still.  No sense in taking chances.  Just to be sure, he held one slim finger so pale it almost glowed in the dark to his lips, then began whispering in as low a voice as he could manage.  “I’m going to go check it out.  If I need you, I’ll tap the stairs three times quickly.  That means you should run up, probably guns blazing.  If I can manage it, I’ll see what’s going on and come back down to explain it to you when I can.  If I tap once, that means that if there’s another exit or anywhere you can hide, you need to go.  Now.  That’ll probably happen if it’s the Task Force.  I’m skilled at hurting myself…I’ll just make sure I’m at least partially banged up so there won’t be as much suspicion.  Or questions.  Got it?”

“Who put you in charge?” Mello snarled, surly, but quieted.  Beyond assumed Matt had done something to shut him up.  Maybe steal his chocolate.  Although that would be more likely to get a screaming, furious Mello running around the room, chasing the perpetrator and maybe shooting things, destroying them, blowing them up or setting them on fire while he was at it.

“…your slow reaction time did.  You better be faster when I tap, or you’ll be caught and most probably dead.”  The golden blonde made a strangled noise in the back of his throat as if he wanted to argue, but had to swallow his words in order not to make too much noise.

Beyond was already moving away on silent footsteps, the pad of a predator.  Carefully, slowly, he inched up the steps one by one, testing each for creakiness before settling his weight on it.  Several he had to skip, judging that he would probably be too loud.

He had to restrain himself from running into the room when he heard the voice again.  This time, he was certain that Kyoko-chan wasn’t alone, unless she was doing impressions.  Of whom, he hadn’t the faintest idea.  This voice wasn’t really familiar.  “You will tell us what you’re doing in our hideout sooner or later you know.  oneH Honestly, for your sake, you’d probably prefer it to be sooner.  Trust me.”

Kyoko snorted at the man.  “Trust you?  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  I just got lost, that’s all, like I told you.”

“Cummon, lady, we’re not stupid enough to fall for that!” one of them remarked.  Good actor as Kyoko-chan indisputably was, Beyond guessed that heading INTO an abandoned warehouse probably didn’t fit that description very well.

“Look, if you’re from the Mafia, we’re willing to negotiate our rent, or whatever.  But we’re not going into crime, and we don’t have a lot of options.”  The voice sounded reasonable, but it still made Beyond’s blood boil.  What would happen when they figured out she was a normal person…aside of the fact that she was dating one of the crazier Wammy’s kids, had the ability to see auras, and knew who Kira was?  His fist clenched, and he realized that, smart or not, he was about to charge, unarmed, into an unknown situation, yelling some sort of war cry.

Just a second more, I promise, he told himself.

He’d made it to the top of the stairs and carefully eased the door open at a glacial pace that meant he was unlikely to be noticed, but made his skin itch.  The sound of a hand slapping flesh met him, and Kyoko cried out.  He bit his lip hard, letting the blood trickle down his lip.  He didn’t care who saw him like this.  Right now, he just needed to summon calm, just for a little bit longer, until he could assess the situation.

Seven kids, about his age.  Several had guns.  One of them had just slapped Kyoko-chan, whose tiny hands were clenched into fists, eyes glittering with fury.  Beyond grinned wolfishly.  She more proved herself his match with every passing day.

He tapped his foot carefully three times.  True, only one or two of them had a gun.  They were outnumbered.  But with an angry Beyond, a trigger happy Mello, and a Matt who wasn’t really violent but cared about justice…well, let’s say they didn’t know how much they really wanted to be running in the opposite direction instead.  If they weren’t careful, Mello might even explode them all or set them all on fire, cracking off chocolate all the time.

They really were fast, he thought.  He barely managed to sprint into the room before the stampede of doom trampled him.  He tackled the nearest one with a gun and sent it spinning into a darkened corner of the room.  Yeah, perhaps to would have made more sense to keep it himself, but he didn’t think he was stupid enough to hand the bloodthirsty part of himself a weapon and not expect himself to use it.

Matt copied his motion, only maneuvered himself so that his captive was between himself and the guns.  Probably wouldn’t save him if they were incredibly determined, but…a good thought nonetheless.

Beyond grinned one of his signature grins, blood smeared over his chin, teeth bared ferally.  “Let the girl go,” he warned, and fought down giggles.  He’d never been so close to the edge.  Not even for L.

If I lose my soul because of this…girl…I’ll never forgive her.  I don’t think I could kill her though, even when I did lose it.  That doesn’t mean that she’d like it any better than dying though.

Eyes widened, mouths dropped.  The facial expressions were actually quite funny, and he bit his lip even harder to prevent the graveyard laugh from escaping.  It would probably serve its purpose, scaring the others into giving up their captive, but every move was a gamble on the edge of the abyss.  He’d gone right to the brink, was staring into the heart of madness and dancing on the edge, glorying in it, in the tenuous control and the danger.  If he made the wrong move, he’d be lost forever, and every second brought him a millimeter closer to the precipice.  Even the slightest action could send him tumbling into the pit forever.

“I’d do what he said.  He’s a raving lunatic, and when he finally breaks you really don’t want to be around.”  Mello was matter-of-fact about the matter, waving the gun around.  Another one with bloodlust, the part of Beyond that was still sane thought sadly.  What had happened to all these Wammy’s kids?  Were they all really monsters inside, all lost and alone, irredeemable?  The crack of another piece of chocolate breaking off—Mello had a seemingly inexhaustible supply SOMEWHERE Beyond didn’t want to know—sounded like bones breaking, and he was looking into the darkness now, the darkness that threatened to consume his soul.

The power…you know, you’d like the power, and the blood, and the screams.  They’re just frightened sheep.  Cull them.  You’re the wolf.  You can hurt them in ways they’d never see in a thousand dreams, make them scream like they’d never screamed—


I can’t.  Once I lose it…I’ll never go back.  I’m tainted now, but if I give in…I won’t be human anymore (if I ever was), but a demon of flesh and blood.  I won’t become that.  I won’t!

You don’t have much control left, you know.  I’ll be free—

Once again his thoughts were interrupted as he felt arms around his neck.  For an instant he struggled, disoriented, thinking that someone was trying to strangle him.  Then he came back to reality and remembered where he was supposed to be.  And he heard the crying, as a soft, warm face buried herself in his neck, ignoring the fact that he had a hostage, just seeking comfort.  He wasn’t sure that he had any to give, but he sent her a slightly grateful smile before turning his attention back to the one he’d identified as the leader.  Creepy smile, happy smile.  What was the difference, really…now?

The blonde swallowed.  He was dressed all in green, jeans, jacket and all.  “…Um…yeah, he looks like a maniac.  Uh, who are you?  And do you mind if we use this warehouse?  If you’ve got dibs on it, that’s okay; we’ll go somewhere else…”

Mello grinned, cracking off another piece of chocolate.  That was seriously starting to damage whatever calm Beyond possessed.  He growled, deep in his throat.  “First, who the h*** are you?” Mello asked, ignoring the rest.  He was in charge here.  At least…that’s the impression he wanted to give, no matter who it was or what the situation happened to be.

“…Robin.  This is my gang.”  Beyond couldn’t hold in the creepy, unearthly chuckles anymore, making everyone else jump and look twenty times as nervous as before.  Which was pretty impressive.

The Wammy’s bully paused, actually surprised.  And angry, but then again, the blonde firecracker was almost always angry.  “Are you kidding me?” he asked, a scowl on his face.  This was about the point where he started shooting things until he felt calm again.  Without even thinking about it, Beyond ducked.

To his surprise, the guy in green stood his ground, shaking his head.  Brave, but probably stupid.

The man in leather sneered.  “If you say your last name is Hood, I will shoot you.”

Nervous laughter from almost everyone met that remark.

Don’t be ridiculous…it can’t be Hood.  …Can it?

“Um.  No.  I’ll tell you that much.  But it’s not like I’m about to tell you my real last name, what with Kira around and all.”  So, smart and slightly brave.  Might actually be useful.  Sure, he was somewhat stupid, but then again that could be applied to many of the Wammy’s boys too.  They were all stupid in their own ways.

“Okay, fine.  First, uh, girl who has buried herself in um… ‘Ryuzaki’s’ neck…who are you?” Matt interrupted.  Good, someone sane to sort out the situation.

“Nakasato Kyoko,” she answered, removing her comforting warmth for a second to answer the question with a tear-stained voice before burying herself again.

“That doesn’t help much,” Matt admitted after a moment.

She moved herself into a more comfortable hugging position and wiped away a few tears.  “Ryuzaki Rue’s girlfriend.  I see auras.”  So she did believe, now…interesting.  Had she seen something more than just those who were about to die by the hand of Kira…?

“Um, okay.  What are you doing here?” Pretty good question, actually.

“Uh…someone named N sent me…” she began.  Uh-oh.  And Mello was already mad.

Most people would have trouble taking a guy in tight leather seriously.  No one who had ever seen Mello in a bad mood made that mistake.  People were lucky to walk away, rather than being unconscious or having to be carried, when they made him that mad.

“That little sneak!” he screamed, and headed for them.

Only to meet Beyond, rising to his feet, a glare of death in his eyes.  “Don’t try it.”

The blonde stopped, equally as fierce, then hit one of Robin’s gang hard on the shoulder instead.  “I suppose it’s not her fault that she’s being used by the sneaky sheep.”

The raven nodded, pulling Kyoko-chan up without another word and away from the others, where he wiped away her tears.  He wanted to kiss her, but he’d probably hurt her, so settled for a gigantic hug.  He still heard her squeak from the pressure.

Just a little more and you’ll break a few bones, his brain supplied helpfully.

Shut up.

That felt so good.  He should have done that years ago.  He let her go, putting a little distance between them.  “Are you all right?”  His voice shook from the effort to control himself.  Even if he had stepped back, he was still so close to the rift of doom.  One of the greatest balancing acts, ever.

She nodded.  “I just wanted to see you so badly, to make sure you’re okay…”  A sigh left her lips a touch colder.  “I guessed you were probably in an abandoned warehouse or a quiet apartment…or a park.  But parks aren’t usually quiet in Japan.”

That brought out a slightly more normal, Rue-like laugh.  “No, they aren’t,” he agreed.  “How did Near know where we are?”

The answer was prompt.  “Tracked you using satellite, apparently.  And then deleted all information he’d found, and made sure the Kira Task Force would find you later than he did.”

“Why?  For all he knew, I could’ve been hurting him!” Mello remarked, still seething.

Kyoko’s mouth slid open, and she finally shook her head desperately.  “He said he knew there was no reason to hurry because the situation wasn’t serious.  He said that you wouldn’t hurt him, that you were probably just curious about what he was doing here and couldn’t ask him in front of the Task Force, because they’d find that a little suspicious.  He actually said…” she paused for a second, as if wondering whether it was a wise idea to continue, “…that he was more worried for your safety if you made Rue-kun mad.  And I’ve seen why, before…”  She was probably flashing back to that night, where he had a knife in the rain and had terrified her so.

A slight growl accompanied the next chocolate break, but Mello couldn’t really argue that.  Not when Beyond was one of the only ones to ever scare his idol L.  He might have his pride, but he didn’t show the realistic side of himself to the world, the part that analyzed the situation without the blinders of jealousy or ego.  Yes, it was probably true that he believed a Beyond pushed to the limit could handle himself, but Near, cute as he appeared, didn’t tend to value lives as L had.  If they died, it would merely make the task of confronting Kira that much more difficult, nothing else.

“Anyway, he wanted all of you…well, not Robin’s Gang…to know about the notebook.”  …How had Near of all people learned about it?  He was smart, but still!  Was this the thing that Light had kept talking about?  In a battle with Kira, they could use all the knowledge they could get.  Beyond for one wasn’t above accepting help from…almost anyone…in this war of ideologies.

“Why does the albino runt want us to know this?  What is he playing at?”  Trust Mello to act from his anger, not his brain.

“If Near wants to lessen his advantage, then so be it.  Think of it like you’re taking advantage of his stupidity, Mello.”  Beyond knew what would get Mello to see the truth—that this was an opportunity he shouldn’t waste.  If any of the Wammy’s kids got the better of Kira, they had won.  L would have won.  He suspected that Near was thinking something along the same lines, although L’s apparent loss probably had brought out a measure of contempt in the small white figure.  Which would only have made the furious Number Two at Wammy’s even more furious.

That brought out a devious grin.  “Okay, that sounds good.  So, girlie,” a warning glare only made him grin wider, but he took back some of the attitude, just to be safe, “…what did that little sheep have to say?”

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