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Hopefully I'll post again soon and it won't be this.

I get the idea that romancing companions seemed like a great idea.  I even get that some people liked Corso.  I did too, to begin with.  Sure, he occasionally comes off as dumb, but he seemed like a good guy.  White Knight thing, yeah, but that could be used to describe Xander, too, and I like him.  They can come off as misogynist, but they can learn better, right?  It's an upbringing thing.  Xander definitely became a better person by the end of his arc, stepping into the role that felt natural rather than the one he saw on TV or from his dad.  So Corso could do that too, right?  Right?  Surely they'd have character development in something like this.

Okay.  He treats other female NPCs like they're actually competent, but occasionally he'll say something to suggest that as good as my Smuggler is at what she does, she should settle down.  With him.  Just projecting.  He'll give up on the idea.
The Romance Flag, where he gets drunk.  She turns him down, but too politely I guess.
Flirts with him later.  He's still acting like an actual nice guy.
He makes a few weird remarks, but okay, he still overall comes off as a pretty good, gentlemanly guy.
She flirts with someone else.  It's her character, what do you expect.  He acts like he owns her.  Warning sign.
She turns him down.  He's all like "It's just a phase.  You're mad at me now.  But I can be patient.  I love you."
That's kind of creepy.  Some people would say romantic, but.  It's disregarding your feelings in the matter.  You said you weren't interested.  It really means you're not interested.  You're not playing coy or anything like that.  It might be from some people, but to avoid things like restraining orders, take things literally.
...He has a habit of being nice, most of the time, and then just randomly saying creepy things at the weirdest times.  Like his elaborate fantasies of what's going to happen in the future that apparently he's convinced himself are completely real.  I haven't agreed to any of these, but hey, if he waits long enough I'll come around.  My Smuggler thinks about exiling him to the ship, but going alone in the zone she's in is kind of scary.  But wait, good news!  Wookie companion on the horizon.  RUSH TO FINISH LINE AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  EXILE CORSO TO SHIP.  DON'T CARE THAT HE'S MORE COMPETENT THAN WOOKIE, IT'S BETTER THAN THIS.
...Except he has a habit of cornering her when she's on the ship.  "Did I do something?  Are you mad at me?"  Yes.  Yes, I am.  But I'm also scared, because you have clearly demonstrated that you don't care about my feelings or my ability to decide things for me.  Anger.  Entitlement.  Stealing a kiss.
Excuse me??   You got me with false advertising, here.  You said your product was "adorable, chivalrous, charming" companion.  What I got was "jealous, controlling, manipulative" companion.  I don't feel safe on my own ship anymore, because I have no idea when you'll snap again, or what you'll do when you do snap.  It's been a comment there, leading up to an action there, and what'll happen when you can't find reasons to stop, to hold back, anymore?  What if I'm not fast enough to get my gun and shoot you, because clearly words won't do anything to stop you??  You're stuck in fantasy-land with a goddess on a pedestal, and you get overly angry whenever I don't fit your expectations, which, news flash-no woman is going to fill your expectations because what you've created is something no real flesh-and-blood woman is going to be able to re-create.  I feel safer sleeping in the middle of Hutt territory with a Wookie standing guard.
I love my smuggler, and kind of want to create another female smuggler so I can go through the story and MISS EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO FLIRT WITH HIM BECAUSE I DIDN'T NEED THIS IN A GAME TOO.  But every time I think about it, I just...
(Something similar happened in real life.  I won't go into details, but I'd love to have guy friends who aren't boyfriends, but apparently that's impossible because any time I'm nice to a guy they take it as a sign that I'm head over heels in love with them.  At least one guy took it well when I explained that I wasn't ready for a relationship, and was supportive and actually nice afterwards and backed off from the 'creepy crush' territory.  Another guy didn't.  Nothing happened, which was good for me, but the level of unrestrained anger and entitlement about the issue was terrifying.)
Links because important:

*I nearly said 'human woman'.  Buuut that doesn't apply in a galaxy full of a bunch of different races.
**I tend to assume people are nice.  If they're acting nice, they're really nice.  Which is true for some people, and not true for others.  I like it when I'm proven right.  I'm thrown off and there's an uncomfortable dissonance when I'm proven wrong.
***Actually, I'd rather put him down on some planet and put out a galactic-wide restraining order on the guy.  With a potential *shoot if he ever shows his face near me again* clause.
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