Feb. 11th, 2015

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This is turning out more like a blog than anything else, isn't it?  If I had time to write...ever... *grumble grumble*
I found something really cool today.  Someone's no doubt had a class where they have to look at and find peer reviewed journals, even if they're not planning on doing that for a living or whatever.  Well, I've always found it stressful trying to figure out whether it's actually peer reviewed, and like a lot of people probably just threw up my hands at some point and said 'well, let's call this peer-reviewed' which is a really habit to get into, by the way, don't do that.
I decided to look on google to see if there was an easy way to tell whether a journal was peer reviewed and found one of the universities recommending a website: Ulrichsweb.  You type in the name of the journal, and it will tell you whether the journal is peer reviewed.  (For some of the journals, it didn't list it, but that was mostly for online ones...)  There's a box that says "Refereed" and if the answer is yes, it's a peer reviewed journal.  I thought it was neat, and if anyone else needed the help I thought I'd share.
On another note, why is the busy icon happy?  I like getting stuff done, but it's still stressful and I'm more spazzy than anything.


nevermoreraven: Photo of ravens sitting in rafters (Default)

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