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Okay, main reason I was using disclaimers was because I'm a paranoid sort of individual on most occasions, and really don't want to get in trouble for unintentionally stepping on people's toes.  (Though, 1) I'm not really sure how anyone could mistake my fanfics for actually being written by the marvelously talented individuals in question and 2) if someone did, that would be a big compliment, but...still not sure how that's possible.  Working on the first one still.)  I know there are a few authors who really, really don't want any fanfiction written off their stories, but as far as I'm aware, none of the fandoms I'm working in currently have this decision.  (Which is fine, I can follow that even if I don't understand.  That works for a lot of things actually.)
As I go on, I realize that a) yes, the websites kind of have the disclaimers built into them and b) I was also doing them to try to be amusing/original with them.  Which honestly is one of the reasons that most people do it anymore, or because it's a genre convention sort of thing.  Problem is, they're coming off as stilted/awkward/just kind of 'what-are-you-doing-here' sort of thing.  Which wasn't the point at all.  And yeah, the more I do them for the posts, the more they feel like unnecessary/the stuff of an unprofessional, naive young writer who's just getting into this fanfic thing.  I'm not new to writing, but I am kind of more new to fanfic, as opposed to original stuff. 
So, this is the big disclaimer.  No, I don't own anything that you recognize.  The other stuff is probably me.  Feel free to ask.  Or comment.  Or whatever.  Don't forget to let me know if you re-post stuff elsewhere and credit me.  Just because I like to keep track of my stuff, not that it's copywrited mine and others can't use it.  No, I'm not getting any money off of this.  I'm just doing this out of the love for the stuff other people make.  I don't pretend to speak for the writers.  I can speak for the stories that come out of the interaction between my brain and the stories they've written, but that's about it.  (Note: this love/passion/obsession probably involves me spending a lot of my money on this stuff-that-other-people-have-made, such as buying DVDs so I can get certain scenes right in my head, or time.  Loads of time.  Oceans.  Noah's Ark Oceans.  Probably more than I should, but that's how beautiful these other worlds are and how much people like me want to interact with them.  So honestly it's probably negative money I'm making from this stuff, but that's okay.)  I don't tend to work in 'canon', because 'canon' implies 'written by official writer or as close as', and I have trouble doing that.  Some people can.  I can't.  So, yeah, my AUs tend to be recognizably AU, not the work of the official writers, not getting paid for it.  What I do own is something completely new that won't get money, and if I'm lucky might gain some online reading fans.  :)  If they ever find this, which is difficult on Dreamwidth.  More than you'd think.  ...I think I lost track of my thoughts, so that's probably enough on that topic.
I might write disclaimers for later stories if I can think of really clever ones, but I get the feeling I'm going to be leaving them out in the future.
Oh, and no one worry.  If I'm sounding discouraged or something like this, I'm not going to be deleting anything.  Worst case scenario, I go on hiatus until I straighten stuff out.  Mostly, it's thinking about things that I'm doing wrong and should know better, and/or too much going on in school.  Not like anyone reads this stuff at the moment, but someday they might.  And I know what it's like to be the fan who loves a work and bookmarks it, only to come back a few months later and all of the beautiful shiny works are gone.  Things are up here for good, so nothing's going to go poof on you.  :D
(Also, why does the stressed icon look angry?  Dreamwidth, your emoticons seem a bit confused...)


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